Steering Box RHD VW T2 Bay 1967-1972

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A reconditioned exchange steering box for Right Hand Drive VW T2 Bays built from 1967 to 1972 Each refurbished steering box goes through a rigourous procedure. All boxes start with a visual inspection to look for obvious damage, wear, corrosion or other indications of failure. All boxes are stripped cleaned and inspected for wear then measured to ensure they are within original manufacturing tolerance. The cases are blasted then etch primed and painted as required. Internal parts are replaced as a matter of course or used new in the re build include seals, bearings, gaskets, dirt seals and fasteners. Internal parts that are replaced if required due to wear are, peg, worm, sector shaft and roller. As there are no internal bushes on the early box, any excessive wear is machined to accept a bush. The sector shaft is ground and the bushes reamed to ensure a perfect fit. All boxes are fully built up, pre filled with Penrite steering box lube and bench set up instructions on how to correctly fit and set up are on our web site These units are sold on an exchange basis we charge a £100 core charge, this will be refunded once your old steering box has been returned and inspected to check its suitable for re building. Please Note We can only accept Original German units for exchange. We can not accept boxes with damage to the case or output shafts if any threads or splines are damaged we are unable to accept these. If you are unsure please contact us before ordering.
A reconditioned exchange steering box for the Right Hand Drive VW T2 Bays built from 1967 to 1972.