Here's a selection of 35 exclusive deals to celebrate 35 years of Just Kampers! 

We've been part of the VW community here in the UK since 1989, when we started up as a small workshop fixing up VW campers. Since then, we've grown and evolved to become a leading producer and supplier of parts and accessories for a huge range of classic and modern Volkswagens around the world. 

As part of our celebrations, we've worked with our friends EMPI and Jopex to bring you a list of 35 exclusive deals which are available for a limited time only. 

Exclusive Special Offers on Just Kampers Parts & Accessories


Deal 1 : Save over 20% on Morris SAE30 Oil 

Morris SAE30 Oil  5ltr for all VW Air-cooled Engines  


Was: £25.50    Now: £19.95

You'll save £5.55

This oil is recommended by VW for all air-cooled engines. Modern oils contain dispersant additives that carry away contaminants which are then removed from the oil by a cartridge filter. Air-cooled engines in older VWs don't use cartridge filters, instead they rely on a mesh gauze filter which is unable to filter out this waste in the same way.

Morris SAE30 is a low dispersant oil that's been specifically developed to allow suspended debris to drop harmlessly into the base of your gauze filter. 

Deal 2 : Save over 30% on Bosch spark plugs

Bosch W8AC Short Reach Spark Plug 


Was: £3.25    Now: £2.25

You'll save £1.00

Bosch W7AC Short Reach Sparkplug VW T25 1600cc air-cooled 1979-1983


Was: £3.50    Now: £2.35

You'll save £1.15

Bosch W8CC Long Reach Sparkplug VW T25 1600cc air-cooled 1979-1983


Was: £4.25    Now: £2.49

You'll save £1.76

Keep your VW's ignition system in tip-top condition by routinely changing your spark plugs. Now there's no reason to put that job off, save over 30% on Bosch spark plugs! 


Deal 3 : Save over 20% on T2 Bay Deluxe Grab Handles

Deluxe Inner Grab Handle (For Cab Door) Chrome VW T2 Bay 1967 - 1979 


Was: £16.50    Now: £12.50

You'll save £4.00

Retain the period look of your classic T2 Bay with this deluxe inner grab handle (chrome) for the cab door on all VW T2 Bays. 

Deal 4 : Save 28% on Stainless Steel T2 Bay Door Mirrors

Add a touch of class to your T2 Bay window with these classic stainless steel door mirrors. Fits nearside (left) and offside (right) on VW T2 Bays from 1967 to 1979.

Deal 5 : Save £20 on T2 Bay Bamboo Parcel Shelves

Bamboo Parcel Shelf VW T2 Bay 1967 - 1979


Was: £99.50    Now: £79.50

You'll save £20.00

The classic bamboo parcel shelf adds a touch of retro style to any Bus whilst giving the added advantage of extra storage space. Supplied with fitting brackets this shelf will fit all left or right hand drive vehicles.

VW T2 Bay Window bamboo parcel shelf. Suitable for VW T2 Bays built from 1967 to 1979.

Deal 6 : Save £58.50 on a dropped spindle bundle kit

Lowering Kit VW T2 Bay 1973 - 1979


Was: £307.50    Now: £249.00

You'll save £58.50

A money saving bundle kit for lowering your T2 Bay 1973 - 1979, including 2" drop spindles and horseshoe plates.

The drop spindles are brand new units, not cut and welded, and without using flipped ball joints. These are designed to fit the 1973 on Bay, but can also be used on the earlier 1967 to 1973 Bay if you fit later hubs, discs and brake calipers.

Easy to fit, these will lower the front of your bus 2" without effecting the original factory suspension, thus giving a smooth ride. These spindles can be used with the original steel wheel and most aftermarket alloys.

Also included are the horseshoe plates, which are sold as a pair. A simple way to lower the rear of your VW T2 Bay up to 3.5 inches and, at the same time, keep the ride quality, retains the standard rear shocks and full suspension travel.

Simple and straight forward to fit there are two zinc passivate coated Horse shoes and all the fittings you will require to complete the job.

Deal 7 : Save £172 on the JK Compressor Coolbox

JK 45 Litre 12v-240v Compressor Cool Box Fridge/Freezer


Was: £371.00    Now: £199.00

You'll save £172.00

Exclusive to JK. Designed to be fantastic quality and fit nicely inside your camper, our portable fridge freezer has a 45-litre capacity. Capable of running on either 12v or 24v electricity from your vehicle’s ‘cigarette lighter’ outlet, or on 240v electricity from the mains, it’s ideal for long weekends away or longer camping adventures. It’s strong enough to also be used as a seat and a table, which makes it ideal for use inside your van, where space is always limited.

Deal 8 : Save over 30% on Heating Kits

Deal 9 : Save £98 on Stainless Steel Exhaust

Stainless Steel Full Exhaust Kit VW T25 1900 and 2100 (Excluding Syncro models)


Was: £497.70    Now: £399.00

You'll save £98.70

Quality Preservation Parts product, exclusive to Just Kampers. Invest in an excellent quality, direct replacement for your VW T25’s worn, damaged or rusted exhaust system.

This complete stainless steel exhaust kit is one of JK’s money-saving bundle kits, which gives you all the pipes, gaskets, and fittings you’ll need to totally refresh your Transporter’s exhaust.

Fits VW T25s built from 1985 to 1992 with 1900cc or 2100cc engines, with the exception of Synchro models or vehicles fitted with a catalytic converter.

Deal 10 : Save £90 or £100 on Automatic Engine Bay Fire Suppression Kits

The Engine Fire Fighter is a simple and effective way to put out engine fires, that you may not even know are happening on a rear-engine vehicle. And takes less than 10 minutes to fit and no tools are required. Available in two lengths, either 2m or 3m, the tube system is easy to install using the supplied ties and requires no other power or external trigger. In the event of a fire, the tube will activate when the temperature reaches 120 degrees Celsius extinguishing a fire and protecting you and your pride and joy.

We recommend the 2-metre length for smaller engine bays such as the Beetle or Type 3.

Deal 11 : Save over £75 on a Propex HS2000 Gas Heater Kit

Propex Heatsource HS2000 12V LPG Gas Heater with Fitting Kit and Dial Thermostat (European Fitting Only)


Was: £575.00    Now: £499.00

You'll save £76.00

If you’re looking to install central heating in your campervan, the Propex Heatsource HS2000 gas heater with fitting kit is the money-saving bundle you need to make it a reality.

This quality Propex product will guarantee to keep you warm throughout the colder months and chilly days. It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking warmth on the move or when parked up, as the Propex Heatsource HS200 gas heater works independently from your engine.

This efficient and compact heating system for your camper’s interior has been specifically designed for touring vehicles, so you know you’ve invested in a reliable and quality product. This kit contains all the main components you need to fit the Propex unit into your camper using propane gas, and fits all VWs with 12v electrics.

It isn’t limited to just VWs, though, as the Propex HS2000 Heatsource is perfect for adding warmth and comfort to any vehicle which as a 12V electrical circuit to power it, and enough space inside to safely install the unit inside.

Deal 12 : Save £25 on T25 Stainless Steel Waterpipe

Stainless Steel Metal Waterpipe (L-Shaped) VW T25 1900,2100cc 1985–1992


Was: £104.50    Now: £79.00

You'll save £25.50

Made using SAE 304 stainless steel, all of the main components of our Stainless Steel waterpipe have been artfully shaped and welded to ensure that they’re top quality, fit easily and will last you for years to come.

Deal 13 : Save £65 on Stainless Steel Exhaust

Stainless Steel Single Quiet Pack VW T2 Split 1500cc 1963-1967 VW T2 Bay 1600cc 1967-1979


Was: £364.75    Now: £299.00

You'll save £65.75

This high-quality product features a 304 stainless steel silencer and manifold Great looks, enhanced performance and a quieter, pleasing exhaust note are what you can expect. It comes complete with its own fitting kit, but please note that modifications may be needed to the rear bumper of some split screen vans.

Kit comprises: Stainless steel silencer Stainless steel manifold Air hose (silver colour finish) Exhaust-fit kit

Deal 14 : Save £60 on a Just Kampers' Beam

Standard Width Front Beam, (Adjustable) VW T2 Bay 1967-1979


Was: £595.00    Now: £535.00

You'll save £60.00

Made in the UK exclusively for JK this standard width beam features CDS seamless tube with laser cut end plates. These axles come supplied with adjusters (Due to the nature of the adjusters the axle can not be set at full height, all vehicles will be lower than standard) new axle bearings and an OEM steering centre pin.

Finished in black powder coat These axles are designed to fit Left or Right-Hand drive vans with or without servo brakes. And are supplied with spacers for the upper shock mounts.

Deal 15 : Save over £20 on JK's Sliding Door Storage Pods

Quality Just Kampers product, exclusive to JK. These door storage conversion panels fit to the sliding door on your T4 and T5/6 Transporter, giving you extra space to stash things away in your VW.

Exclusive Special Offers on EMPI Parts & Accessories


Deal 16 : Save over 20% on an EMPI Bench-Mounted Engine Stand

EMPI Bench Mount Engine Stand


Was: £75.00    Now: £59.00

You'll save £16.00

Work on your air-cooled engine with ease with this Empi bench mount engine stand. Specifically designed to fit with your air-cooled VW engine.


Deal 17 : Get more than 15% off EMPI Billet-Style Dipsticks

EMPI Billet Style Dipstick

Was: £16.75    Now: £13.95

You'll save £2.80

Bring some bling to your engine bay with this EMPI quality billet aluminium dipstick in a choice of four colours :

  • Billet Aluminium
  • Billet Black
  • Billet Red
  • Billet Blue

Fits VW Beetles from 1961 on VW T2 Splits 1961 to 1967 and 1600cc VW T2 Bays 1967 to 1979 with the upright aircooled (Type 1) engine.

Deal 18 : Save up to £50 on EMPI Pulley Kits

EMPI Serpentine Belt Pulley System, Black Anodized


Was: £349.95    Now: £299.00

You'll save £50.95

Quality EMPI product. Invest in a serpentine belt pulley system for your air-cooled VW, an essential upgrade if you’re running a high-revving engine.

Designed for 1300cc to 1600cc Type 1 and Type 2 air-cooled VW engines.

EMPI Colour Matched Pulley Kit, Red


Was: £149.00    Now: £124.95

You'll save £24.05

Quality EMPI product. Customise your air-cooled VW engine with a red pulley kit.

The metal components of this kit are made with high-grade, lightweight aluminium and have been precision made using a CNC machine for accuracy. 

Deal 19 : Save £31 on an EMPI Black 90-Amp Alternator

EMPI 90 Amp Alternator (Black)


Was: £190.00    Now: £159.00

You'll save £31.00

Invest in a brand new EMPI 90-amp alternator, which includes an internal voltage regulator and new, high-tech armature for better reliability and more power. 

Fits VW Beetles built from 1961 to 1977, VW T2 Splits built from 1961 to 1967, VW T2 Bays built from 1967 to 1971, and VW Karmann Ghias built from 1965 to 1974. 

Deal 20 : Money off EMPI Shift Plates and Shifters

EMPI Quick Shifter Plate 


Was: £10.25    Now: £8.95

You'll save £1.30

EMPI Short Trigger Shifter 


Was: £88.25    Now: £72.50

You'll save £15.75

Enjoy a more postive gear change experience with the EMPI quick shifter plate and reduce your gear stick travel up to 40%! Why not combine an EMPI Short Trigger Shifter featuring a sliding "trigger style" reverse lockout and a sleek black round shift ball. With its durable construction and stylish chrome finish, this shifter adds a touch of retro elegance to your VW.

Deal 21 : Get £33 off a Monza 4-Tip Exhaust Silencer

EMPI Monza 4-Tip Exhaust Silencer


Was: £193.75    Now: £159.95

You'll save £33.80

Breathe instant style and performance into your VW Bus or Bug without breaking the bank! This eye-catching EMPI 4-Tip exhaust silencer for all 1300cc–1600cc VW air-cooled engines.

Deal 22 : Money off EMPI Valve Cover Sets

EMPI Valve Cover Set


Was: £140.00    Now: £119.95

You'll save £20.05

Cast aluminium, with EMPI logo and polished ribs. The finned design helps reduce upper cylinder head temperatures

and has enough clearance for most high-lift rocker arms.

These EMPI valve covers also feature a boss which can be drilled for venting to a breather box.

Another innovative design is the special C-Channel-type seals and stud seals which help eliminate oil leakage. Comes complete with all gaskets and hardware.

EMPI Neoprene Rubber Rocker Cover Gaskets


Was: £13.25    Now: £8.95

You'll save £4.30

EMPI Neoprene rubber rocker cover gaskets, sold as a pair, made from Neoprene, these gaskets offer superior sealing compared to the old style cork gaskets.

Deal 23 : Save over £395 on an EMPI Beetle Brake Disc Conversion Kit

EMPI Beetle Brake Disc Conversion Kit 66 and later with Ball Joint 


Was: £1695.00    Now: £1299.00

You'll save £396.00

EMPI is proud to introduce our new 4 Piston Front disc brake kit featuring Wilwood Calipers and Zero Offset Forged 2 1/2" drop spindles. Complete Kit Includes:

  • High-Performance Wilwood Calipers
  • High-Performance Wilwood Brake Pads
  • EMPI 2 1/2” Drop Spindles
  • SKF Bearings
  • Caliper Bolts
  • Double-Drilled Discs 5x130 with 14x1.5mm threads / 5x4.75” with 12mm threads
  • Brake Lines & Dust Caps

Deal 24 : Get £52 off an HEI Ignition Kit

EMPI HEI Ignition Kit


Was: £351.00    Now: £299.00

You'll save £52.00

The EMPI HEI Ignition Kit improves performance and fuel economy in an easy-to-install and set-up package. This comprehensive kit was designed and engineered in Anaheim, CA and includes an all-new HEI solid state billet distributor, 40,000-volt OE style coil that fits your stock clamp and high-quality 8.5mm plug wires. With simple hand tools, you can modernize your ignition system for reliable starting and a more efficient spark.

Everything you need is in the kit which includes a degreed billet distributor clamp, advance springs, bushings, spark plug terminal nuts, plug wire separators and O-rings for a clean installation since the EMPI kit doesn’t use any other modules or boxes to mount in your engine compartment!

With simple hand tools, you can modernize your ignition system for reliable starting and a more efficient spark. Everything you need is in the kit which includes a degreed billet distributor clamp, advance springs, bushings, spark plug terminal nuts, plug wire separators and O-rings for a clean installation since the EMPI kit doesn’t use any other modules or boxes to mount in your engine compartment!

Deal 25 : Save £151 on a GTV C-Stripe Decal Set

EMPI GTV C-Stripe Decal Set - Black


Was: £450.00    Now: £299.00

You'll save £151.00

EMPI has Brought Back the Legendary GTV Series C-Stripe for Your Classic Beetle! EMPI Located a Set of These Awesome Decals in Our Archives and Faithfully Reproduced These Legendary EMPI Accessories in High Quality, UV Resistant Made in the USA Vinyl. Produced With Transfer Tape for Easy Installation, These Stripe Kits Will Keep Looking Great for Years and Years!

Exclusive Special Offers on Jopex Parts & Accessories


Deal 26 : Save over 10% or 20% on Beetle and Bay Exhaust Kits

Beetle Exhaust Kit


Was: £125.00    Now: £99.00

You'll save £26.00

Built to original specifications for easy installation. This Beetle exhaust kit consists of the silencer, tail pipes and fitting kit.

T2 Bay Exhaust Kit


Was: £154.00    Now: £139.00

You'll save £15.00

Built to original specifications for easy installation. This T2 Bay exhaust kit contains the silencer, a one-piece tailpipe and the gaskets and clamps to fit.

Beetle Stainless Steel Sports Silencer


Was: £449.00    Now: £369.00

You'll save £80.00

This stainless steel sports silencer has been designed to look and fit like the standard back box allowing the 2 exhaust tips to exit using the original cut-outs in the rear valance.

They are bead blasted to give a mat rather than a polished finish.

VW Beetle Sebring Style Exhaust System


Was: £1,004.00    Now: £949.50

You'll save £54.50

Give your VW the classic old-speed look with one of our Sebring style exhaust systems.

Made from heat-resistant coated Stainless Steel, this system features 38mm inlet pipes with 41mm outlets converging in a single central outlet. This exhaust is supplied with J tubes for the rear cylinders so there is no provision for heating.

Deal 27 : Save 20% on Engine Foam

T2 Bay & T25 Foam Engine Bay Seal 


Was: £25.00    Now: £19.95

You'll save £5.05

Essential for prolonging the life of all T2 engines. Ensures that hot air cannot rise from the exhaust and cause the engine to run hot. Can also be used as an alternative for air-cooled T25s.

Deal 28 : Save over 20% on Backing Plates

T2 Bay & Brazilian Bay Rear Brake Backing Plate

Was: £45.75    Now: £35.75

You'll save £10.00

Reproduction of the original, these brake backing plates from Jopex fit all T2 Bays built from 1970 to 1979 including the Brazilian made Bay and are essential for keeping out contaminants and prolonging the life of your brake shoes.

Deal 29 : Save £55 on a T2 Fuel Tank

T2 Bay Fuel Tank


Was: £250.00    Now: £195.00

You'll save £55.00

A reproduction petrol tank. Designed for use with carburettor engine models. Suitable for VW T2 Bay Window (late style) built from 1973 to 1979.

Deal 30 : Save £10 on a T25 Front Grill

T25 Lower Grille Vent


Was: £90.00    Now: £79.95

You'll save £10.05

German-style lower vent grille made with new tooling for a far superior fit and finish over the previously available versions. Suitable for water-cooled VW T25 / T3s from 1981 to 1992.

Deal 31 : Unleaded Cylinder Head Twinport

Unleaded Twin port Cylinder Head


Was: £300.00    Now: £275.00

You'll save £25.00

Unleaded, 1600cc twin-port cylinder head. Supplied bare with the valves, springs and collets. The combustion chamber is 51cc in volume.1600cc

Fits VW Beetles from 1971 to 1998, and VW T2 Bays from 1971 to 1979.

Deal 32 : Fantastic savings on engine components

Barrel and Piston Set (85.5mm) 


Was: £199.00    Now: £159.00

You'll save £40.00

Supplied as a set of four with piston rings and gudgeon pins. 85.5mm pistons. Fits air-cooled 1600cc engines in VW Beetles from 1968 to 1998, 1600cc T2 Bays from 1967 to 1979 and Brazilian-made Bays.

Mahle Set of Forged Barrels and Pistons 87mm 


Was: £545.00    Now: £499.00

You'll save £46.00

Forged barrels will endure higher temperatures and are less likely to distort, making them ideal if you are going to run your engine at higher revs or put under a heavy load, so this makes these ideal for the use in camper engines.
87mm, 1641cc. Supplied with rings and gudgeon pins. Fits VW Beetles from 1967 to 2003, VW T2 Splits from 1961 to 1967 and VW T2 Bays from 1967 to 1979.

Pushrod Tube


Was: £3.00    Now: £1.95

You'll save £1.05

Sold individually. Eight pushrod tubes and 16 seals (J10435) are required per engine. They do not fit 1200cc engines.

Adjustable Push Rod Tube


Was: £17.50    Now: £12.50

You'll save £5.00

Adjustable using two lock rings. Great as replacements for your original set, or just carry one with you in your VW as an emergency replacement. 

Deal 33 : Save £40 on Rear Wishbones

VW T25 Rear Wishbone

Was: £315.00    Now: £275.00

You'll save £40.00

Good quality reproduction product. Supplied with the rubber bushes. Fits on all VW T25s from 1979 to 1992. Excluding 16" Syncro models.

Deal 34 : Save 35% on T2 Aerials

VW T25 Twin-Mount Pillar Aerial


Was: £23.00    Now: £14.95

You'll save £8.05

Improve the look of your van and your radio reception at one stroke with this twin-mount pillar aerial which fixes to the A-post.

Deal 35 : Front Brake Disc Conversion Kit  Beetle 1967–1979

VW Beetle Front Brake Disc Conversion Kit


Was: £350.00    Now: £289.00

You'll save £61.00

Complete brake disc conversion kit. Enables you to convert your drum brakes on Beetles from 1967 to 1979 (Excluding 1302 and 1303 models) to run discs on the front. 

Kit includes 2x discs 2x calipers 2x spindles 2x backing plates, bearings and pads. Supplied with 4 x 130 pcd bolt pattern discs.