JK on the Environment

Just Kampers on the Environment

Older Vehicles and the Environment

Here at Just Kampers, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously.

VW Campers may not be the most economical cars in the world, but, ironically, they are better for the environment than a new car, according to research from New Scientist.

According to the New Scientist, "It's better to run old bangers for longer, rather than buying new fuel-efficient cars. It is widely known that it takes more energy to make a car, starting from raw materials, than it consumes in fuel in its lifetime. New Scientist said that you can drive an old car for something like 140,000 miles before its used up the same amount of energy as it takes to produce a new car.


We recycle all our cardboard into a bubble wrap replacement and, wherever possible, we use recyclable, sustainable paper for our catalogues. We also have a large container which we are constantly filling with recyclable waste, which is disposed of by a reputable recyling company.


We also make every effort to send and receive shipments of our goods by sea rather than air, as this has a dramatic effect on the Co2 we are responsible for as a company.

Respnsible use of Water

At our HQ in Odiham we have a bore hole which provides all of our water, reducing our impact on the environment.  

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