VW Beetle Parts

Discover over 1,100 Volkswagen Beetle parts and accessories available at Just Kampers. Officially called the Volkswagen Type 1, the VW Beetle entered mainstream production in 1945 with assembly continuing until 2003. The Beetle Cabriolet first entered production with Karmann in 1949. The long production run saw many model changes which are important to consider when buying parts for your Beetle. Official model variants include VW 1200, VW 1300, VW 1500, VW 1302, VW 1303 and, in the USA, the ‘Super Beetle’. The car is also widely known as the Bug, Kafer, Baja Bug, Cal Look, Buggy, Split-screen and Oval. Just Kampers supply mechanical parts for all of these models. Please scroll down to view our full range or find specific parts using the Search Box. Buy online today, with great prices, fast delivery and international shipping available.