Brand Focus: Aircooled Accessories

Brand Focus: Aircooled Accessories

JK's Head of Marketing
Published 19 May 2022
Josh Reynolds

We're casting a spotlight on another top brand this week, as we take a look at Aircooled Accessories, and highlight some of their best and most popular products. 

Aircooled Accessories supply and produce a range of top quality aftermarket parts for the interior and exterior of classic aircooled VWs, as well as the Porsche 356 , and have been going strong for well over ten years now. 

Who are Aircooled Accessories? 
The business was set up back in 2008, when the founder was hunting high and low for a particular, rare accessory for his own vehicle. After a lot of searching, he managed to track down the part he was looking for, as well as the realisation that he wasn't alone in his quest for high quality, stylish and affordable accessories for classic Volkswagens.

This discovery led to the creation of the first Aircooled Accessories parts, and the range has grown massively since then!

So what do they make?
Aircooled Accessories specialising in redesigning popular parts which were originally offered in the 1950's through to the 1970s, all of which were made by various different companies. These three decades saw a huge demand from the public for aftermarket automotive accessories, and a swathe of really popular designs were created and sold back then. They're hard to get hold of now, but Aircooled Accessories have brought them back! 

The team also designs and develops new accessories which never previously existed, but would have been right at home back in the day.

They look great! What's the quality like?
All their parts are trial fitted at the various and numerous design and production stages, on a selection of vintage VW's.

This ensures a perfect fit, which is to be expected - Aircooled Accessories is highly regarded for quality, all around the world.

They focus on using the highest grade materials, and invest heavily in tooling (even for small parts) just so they can set and maintain the quality of the parts. Aircooled Accessories own all the tooling themselves, and most items will have a discreet AAC logo stamped on them, so you'll know you're getting a top quality item from a highly valued brand.

Find out more:
You can keep up to date with Aircooled Accessories on their Facebook and Instagram pages. 


Click the images below to take a look at a few of the excellent quality Aircooled Accessories parts which are in stock right now at JK HQ. 

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