The Ultimate Guide to Campervan Gift Ideas: 2022 Edition

The Ultimate Guide to Campervan Gift Ideas: 2022 Edition

Written by the JK Team
Published 4 October 2022
Just Kampers

Christmas is almost upon us, and with that brings the season of giving presents, celebrating with loved ones, and most importantly (in our opinion), eating lots of food. Whether you celebrate Christmas in your campervan, with family or friends, or keep it simple, we’ve compiled a gift guide that suits every budget, personality, campervan, and lifestyle.

So, before we hear Santa and his reindeer landing on our roof, let’s get (Christmas) cracker-ing!

Practical Gifts for your Campervan

If you’ve got a campervan owner in the family, getting them a gift related to their camper is an easy win! They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but the way to a campervan owners heart is through their van!

So, this Christmas, as well as gifting ourselves we can also gift our campervans! While not the most exciting for some people, other fanatics are thrilled by the prospect of functional gifts that serve a purpose year-round.

Practical Campervan Gifts for Under £50

Thermomat Cab Kit 3 Piece Kit

Costs: from £28.50

If you’re a winter camper, or you find that towards the end of the season it gets a bit chilly in your campervan, then a thermomat set is the ideal Christmas gift. These keep the heat trapped in, keeping you warm. Just Kampers stock both VW and other common conversion brands.

Remote controlled key finder

Costs: £22.99

How many times have you come back from holiday and thought “where did we put the house/garage/gate keys?” We know this feeling all too well, and that is why we really like this six key finder set we found on Amazon. It contains six lettered tags for attaching to keys and wallets, etc, and then you simply press the corresponding letter on the remote. This means you don’t even need your phone to track where your keys are.

Big Budget Gifts for Your Campervan

Deluxe Dash Clock for your Campervan

Costs: £72.50 to £223.75

For those who own older campervans, for example the VW T2 Bay, the vintage look of an old clock embedded in your dashboard is one that warms the cockles of any grinches heart. As this was only ever offered as an optional extra, finding a campervan with one built in is rare now. Therefore, giving one as a gift can be a very thoughtful one indeed.

A Recreation Wood Steering Wheel

Costs: From £225.00

Part shown J18567 (Costs £246.60)

If your campervan has been upgraded in recent years to a more modern style, or you want to change the interior of your camper, then a wooden steering wheel that is a recreation VW original and looks stunning is a simple but effective swap. Just Kampers has a range of options, from 13” to 17”, suitable for any driver.

Gifts for the All-Season Camper

We all have that one friend in our lives who goes camping no matter what the weather is doing. It could be snowing up to your kneecaps, and still John from down the road is out there, scraping the ice off his T4 and heading out on an adventure. So, for that campervan friend (if you don’t know one, it’s probably you), here are the gifts we suggest for this year.

A good Patagonia Fleece

Costs from £100

As any well-seasoned winter camper knows, layers are key. A good fleece is a very important part of those layers. We think a Patagonia fleece is a great option not only for reliable warmth, but also because this company is now owned by a charitable trust that puts all profits into causes dedicated to tackling climate change.

Carpet for your Awning

Costs from £45.50

When waking up on a crisp and cold morning, stepping out into your awning can feel freezing on your feet, unless you have a good fleecy carpet. This will keep your feet warm and offer another layer of insulation against the ground. You can purchase generic carpets for some awnings, while others are available in the exact size. Some brands also have carpets that double as a picnic blanket.

A Cup Holder for your Camper

Especially when driving in the winter months, everyone needs a cup holder. In older VWs, these did not come as standard, so buying an aftermarket part is the only way to get a cup holder in your van now. Just Kampers stocks a variety of options.

We have the JK exclusive ash tray cup holder for the Brazilian Bay to T4s, and for the older splitties there’s the dash basket cup holder for those made between 1955 to 1967 and a drinks holder that fits through the dash slits for those made between 1950 to 1967.

The Just Kampers Beanie Hat

JK Part Number: J45588

Costs: £4.95

If your loved one is a huge Just Kampers fan (we don’t blame them), then why not treat them to this beanie? It’s not only super stylish beanie on the market right now, but one that shows their excellent choice in supporting us.



Campervan Gifts for Pet Owners

If you’re someone who takes their dog, cat or bearded dragon away campervanning, or you know a pet-mad campervanner, then you can always gift them something for their furry (or not furry) friend.

Some Solid Storage Boxes

JK Part Number:  J45687

When you go campervanning with your pets, having a place to store all the pet ‘bits’ as it were, from food to medication and maybe a dog coat is great for organisation. It also protects the food from mice, which can happen if you leave the box in the awning!

A Stylish Pet Bandana

Small: J42499

Medium: J42500

Large: J42501

Every pet should be stylish, so here at Just Kampers we’ve made pet bandanas for small, medium, and large four-legged friends. It gives them a distinguished yet campervan friendly look that would melt the heart of any fellow camper.

A Kurgo Baxter Backpack for your Dog

Costs: £51.99 from Inner Wolf

If you love taking your dog on walks in the countryside, then this dog backpack is ideal. It allows your dog to store small items on their back as well as being a safe harness, suitable for all kinds of dogs from smaller pups to larger, stronger dogs. It’s also got reflective strips to make it safer for dogs in the dark.

Family Friendly Campervan Gifts

If you want to buy your family a gift, or you’re looking to purchase something as a gift for yourself or for all the family to use, then we’ve come up with some easy ideas that will help everyone.

Stainless Steel Cups from Just Kampers

JK Part Number: J43916

Cost: £4.25 per cup

For the family in your life who go camping at least once a year, these stainless-steel cups are dishwasher safe, child-friendly, and are perfect for campervans as they won’t ever shatter.

Vango Sky Storage 9 Pocket Organiser

JK Part Number: J46352

With nine different sized pockets, this awning, tent, and campervan tidy can be rolled up when not in use and hung from your door when needed. It keeps those convenient things, like elastic bands, bag clips, and duct tape within close reach.

Anti-Slip Cupboard Mat

JK Part Number: J12153

For inside your existing cupboards, this anti-slip mat helps to keep everything from moving around while you’re on the road.

Personal lights for all the family

Blue: J45615

Green: J29124

Whether you’ve got avid readers, tech lovers, or the lone night wanderer, it’s important they’ve got a light to help them stay safe at night. We stock Kampa LED lanterns that come in two really nice colours.

Storage options

For a family of any size, campervan storage is a lifesaver. Here’s our roundup of the best:

Stocking Fillers for Campervan Owners

Sometimes the best gifts are the simplest, the little things that say 'Hey I saw this and thought of you.'

Noxudol Action 4 Penetrating Oil

Costs: £5.25

JK Part Number: J43468

Got a squeaky door hinge? Or perhaps a bolt that looks a tad rusty? Give your campervan a bit of oiling round the edges with this product form Noxudol, which has the benefit of not damaging paint, rubber, or plastic!

Campervan Spirit Level

Costs: £3.75

JK Part Number: J13258

Ever parked your campervan on a slope? We don’t recommend it. Trying to sleep while you slowly feel yourself slipping one way or the other is very disconcerting. It’s also not the best for your campervan in the long run, so a spirit level designed specifically for campers is the answer.

Novelty Duct Tape

Costs: From £4 for a large roll

Any well-seasoned campervan lover will tell you how important duct tape is to the overall sanity of all users on a campervan trip. Make your duct tape more exciting with a printed roll. In the UK, Hobbycraft stocks a range of styles, and Amazon also has a wide variety.

Show Campervan Blue Lights

Costs: £6.25

JK Part Number: J21474

If your campervan is a show car, then you’ll no doubt understand how important it is to stand out, especially when you look at the small details. These blue light covers change your headlight colour to purple when fitted and look quite funky when on display.

The Full Just Kampers Gift Guide

If you want to search our full gift guide for 2022, have a look at our own product page, which gives you gift ideas for every VW Transporter and more!

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