Curtains for Left Rear Side Window VW Crafter, Mercedes Sprinter LWB from 2006 - 2017

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If you’ve converted your Crafter or Sprinter from a panel van to a camper by fitting windows in the back, you don’t want your trips away being ruined by being woken up with the sun each day. Invest in a set of blackout curtains for your windows, and treat yourself to a lie-in!Easy to install, and supplied with all the fittings and hooks you’ll need, our curtains are ideal for camper conversions. Each one is supplied with a pre-formed rail to suit the window it’s made for, so you won’t have to mess around shaping or cutting the rail – you’ll be able to fit them right out of the box.Fits the rear side window on the nearside (left) of the long wheelbase VW Crafter and Mercedes Sprinter built from 2006 to 2017. Made from high-quality knitted jersey, the curtains are hardwearing and have a nice ‘drape’ to them once they’re hanging in your van. Because they’re made of knitted jersey, they’re also fantastic at blocking out sunlight, letting you enjoy a bit more sleep while you’re off on an adventure in your camper.This is particularly useful if you’re camping with kids, and don’t want them waking up at dawn every morning! The materials used in the curtains confirm to the 95/28 EC safety standard, meaning that it’s been tested and approved for flame resistance. We also supply curtains for the offside (right) rear window, if you’ve got a window on that side, too, and want a matching set of curtains: J44297.
Black Our Curtains Designed to fit on the Nearside Left Rear Side Window VW Crafter and Mercedes Sprinter from 2006 to 2017. Sold as a pair with pre-formed rails and all necessary fittings. Suitable for the majority of VW Crafter and Mercedes Sprinter LWB conversions.