Curtains for Right Front Side Sliding Door VW Crafter, Sprinter (Twin Sliding Door OR LHD) 2006-2017

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If you’re converting your Crafter or Sprinter into a camper and therefore a living space, you should consider adding some curtains for that added luxury experience. Curtains are an imperative addition to an interior used consistently for holidays and travel.We recommend these for any interior as the neutral stone-grey colour can be easily incorporated into most living space aesthetics. These curtains fit the VW Crafter and Mercedes Sprinter from 2006 to 2017, if they have twin sliding doors or LHD. Invest in a set of blackout curtains for your windows and treat yourself to a lie-in!Just because the sun rises early in the summer, doesn’t mean you have to. Easy to install and supplied with all the fittings and hooks you require. Each one is supplied with a pre-formed rail to perfectly fit the window it’s made for. This means you won’t need to faff with the tools required to bend the rail – you can fit them straight out the box. However, we do recommend that if you’re unexperienced in fitting curtains and are lacking the confidence, you get a professional to help you.Jersey Fabric:Due to it’s thick nature, jersey fabric will also help lock in heat and insulate your vehicle whilst the curtains are drawn. If you’re camping on those cold mornings, you’ll appreciate the comfort these devolve. You may find our curtains to be noticeably more effective at blocking light than the average campervan curtains on the market. Jersey fabric is also very opaque, so no light will pass through your curtains and wake you up at the crack of dawn while you’re trying to relax. The fabric also conforms to the 95/28 EC standard, so it’s been tested and confirmed as flame resistant. It’s imperative that we talk about the dual layer composition of the curtains.This includes a grey layer to be faced in and a black layer to be shown out. The black fabric layer is used to absorb energy from sunlight which will be transferred as heat to the interior of your camper. The grey layer is slightly more elastic for an appealing finish, the aim is to evoke a fetching pleated look as a result of the fabric stretching when fitted.
Black Out Curtains Designed to fit on the Offside Right Side Sliding Door VW Crafter and Mercedes Sprinter (Twin Sliding Door OR Left Hand Drive) from 2006 to 2017. Sold with pre-formed rails and all necessary fittings. Suitable for the majority of VW Crafter and Mercedes Sprinter SWB, MWB and LWB conversions. • Please Note : These curtains need to be stretched when fitting, which provides the "Pleated Look".