Eazy Electric Rock N Roll 3/4 Bed

Check out our new range of electric, fold out rock’n’roll beds - some of the best we’ve ever seen.
Each bed is crash tested, having passed the M1 and pull tests with flying colours. Available in four different colours, they’re created with a storage compartment underneath, so you don’t waste any space in your interior.

They’re also fully electrical, so you won’t find them a struggle to set up or stow away.

At a glance

  • 4 fabric designs -   VW Brick, VW Austin,  VW Grid, & VW Simora.

  • The Eazy Bed unit is designed with under bed storage, there is no wasted space,

  •  Built using 2.5 mm thick British steel, locally sourced and built with strength,

  • The frame is tested to M1 crash standard, so you’re in safe hands,

  • Comes with a fitting kit included, so you can fit it as soon as possible. 

Why is it so good then?

What makes the Eazy Bed so good, is its easy operation; it could literally be used by anyone. At it’s core, it’s a traditional rock and roll bed, but the electrical operation means that you don’t need to move; it unfolds itself for you.

This does sound fancy, and that’s because it is. Simply hit a button and done! The Eazy Bed is also a great solution for those with limited mobility, that still love camping.

As the bed folds-up and folds-down by itself this means you can relax while the bed does the hard work for you. With just the push of a button, your bed is ready and prepared for your great night’s sleep. 

It’s very versatile

No matter your plans, the Eazy Bed is perfect for you. It’s perfect for everybody; If you need to use the van to pop to the shops, no bother, simply leave the bed in the backseat position.

If you need the van for a camping trip, hey presto, you’ve got a bed handy and ready to go when you need it! 

The unit is on a track system, which means that the seats/bed can be moved forwards or backwards if you need space in any part of your camper.

The bed has storage underneath it as well, if there’s anything you’d like kept out of sight, simply stow it away under the Eazy Bed. There are various Eazy Beds with different fabric patterns, so you can choose the one which best suits your camper’s interior.

The VW Simora Fabric bed/seats are in a close to charcoal grey and feature a stripe of patterned material through each side.

This material strip runs through the centre of each ‘car seat’ area and houses an embroidered pattern that resembles triangular shapes, in a teal colour. 

Is the bed comfy?

The Eazy Bed is made with thick foam mattress supports and lined in supple leatherette. Long journeys are a breeze; the bed is also comfy in the upright seating position! There’s enough space for two occupants, no matter the setup; this goes for both children and adults. 

There’s no tabs to pull, no shuffling around to get the job done, no back ache; all these are a thing of the past. The bed moves up and down in seconds, with just the click of a button.

It’s vastly easier to use than other Rock and Roll beds, thanks to its electrical operation; alter the position of the seat/ bed with little to no effort!

We’d say you don’t even have to lift a finger, but… You will need to press the button!