Van Vibes Festival 2024

Van Vibes Festival 2024

Written by the JK Team
Published 26 January 2024
Just Kampers

Date:  6th - 8th September 2024

Camping Availability:  Yes

Location: Burstow Park Farm, Outwood, Surrey, RH15PL

Ticket Prices: From £60 (Early Bird Pricing)

It all begins with an idea. That’s how Van Vibes Festival Began after us as a family going to many festivals and then looking at each other and saying,.. We could do this!

We aim to have a weekend where the kids have fun so the adults can chill and take in a talk or have some relaxation in one of our workshops or maybe kick back and listen to a local musician.

Later in the evening, the party gets started with live Music,Dj’s, .

Local Businesses supplying you with the best they have to offer. 

From good food to local produce and of course local drinks!

* Various Acts (bands, disco, shows/talks)
* Activities for all ages
* kids under 15 and under go free!
* Dog friendly
* All Campers/moho/self-builds welcome

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