Bay Window CVs worn? Here's how to fit new ones

Bay Window CVs worn? Here's how to fit new ones

Written by the JK Team
Published 18 March 2021
Just Kampers


Firstly jack up the rear of your vehicle on solid ground ensuring the vehicle is put on to two axle stands at the rear and you chock the With the handbrake applied, remove the lower three driveshaft bolts, insuring not to round them out, at the gearbox end.

Repeat this on the wheel end. Release the handbrake and rotate the road wheel through 180°. Now you are able to remove the remaining three bolts at either end of the driveshaft. The 0./ joint is held to the driveshaft by a large circlip, with this removed the 0./ joint can be tapped off of the shaft. The CV boot and flange is held in place by a pinch camp, if you are replacing the joint with one of our kits, cut through this dip to remove the boot. Pack the new boot and joint with grease and follow the previous steps in reverse.

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