Original Formula Anti-Freeze VW T25 1979-1992 (Blue)

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Don't use anything else with your T25 engine - universal anti-freeze may not contain the necessary anti-corrosive elements. To help avoid corrosion problems on the head studs of your Type 25 water boxer engine, we strongly recommend you use this.Febi Bilstein produces and distributes technical spare parts for the automotive and industrial engineering sectors. The product range with more than 20,000 products of OE quality covers practically all important spare parts of well known international vehicle manufacturers for passenger cars, trucks, buses, and trailers. And this range is extended by nearly 2,000 new products each year. The company's headquarters are located in Ennepetal, Germany.
Quality Febi product. Anti-corrosion blue anti-freeze. 1.5litres. The coolant capacity is 17.5 litres, depending where you live and how cold it gets VW recommends to mix the anti freeze to -25 degrees centigrade 7.0 litres antifreeze to 10.5 litres water -35 degrees centigrade 8.75 litres antifreeze to 8.75 litres water