Ayrshire Towbar Centre / A.T.C. Bodyworx

Ayrshire Towbar Centre / A.T.C. Bodyworx

Written by the JK Team
Published 14 March 2015
Just Kampers

Whether you need a towbar fitted, commerical roof racks fitted, service, Mots prep, exhausts, parking sensors, water leaks,classic car restoration, body work and re-spray then we have both the expertise and the facilities to take care of your vehicle. We carry work out on cars and commerial vehicles

We fit towbars to Cars, Pick-ups and Vans. We fit a variety of towbars  such as detachable towbars, fixed towbars and swan neck towbars as well as variety of towballs such as standard towballs, ball & pin towball and alko towball.  These towbars are then fitted with a variety of electrics depending on your towing need, we fit 7 pin socket , double sockets (14 pin) or 13 pin socket. We stock many common towing brackets and Towing accessories.


Ayrshire Towbar Centre / A.T.C. Bodyworx
Block 10, Moorfield industrial estate,


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