GUSTO Blower - White Unit

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A purpose built, air powered cleaning device to keep the dust, dirt and sand out of your caravan, tradie trailer, 4X4, van conversion + more. Gusto is a revolutionary caravan cleaning device that cleans the dirt, dust and sand off your feet and shoes before you enter your van. It harnesses the cleaning combination of a blower and bannister brush in one to create an effective and reliable cleaning solution for travellers. CUSTOM-BUILT TO FIT ALL MAKES & MODELS The custom-built, slimline device seamlessly recesses at the entry point to your van, camper trailer or RV vehicle and hooks up to your existing 12v power source. Includes a mounting hook to hang the handle and hose in a convenient location whilst parked and a lockable door to protect from the elements when on the move. SIMPLE TO USE SYSTEM This simple to use, sensor operated system is suitable for both young children through to older travellers. Operated by the simple swipe of a hand for 30 seconds to gently and effectively clean debris from your shoes, feet and step to keep your van sparkling clean on the inside. No fiddly trigger systems – just swipe and away she goes. Enough pressure to clean effectively whilst being safe for use by children. Lightweight 6.5kg 2.5m long, flexible, crush resistant hose Removable nylon brush head Designed to fit within a typical cupboard or bench cavity deeper than 250mm Dust and waterproof seals Mounting and hanging hook included Lockable door Proximity sensor-operated power switch Replaceable fuse 12 month warranty Space taken up inside the caravan: D280mm W235mm H215mm Size measurements sticking outside the caravan wall: W288mm H268mm D14mm Hose length: 2.5m Cut out required: 235 x 215 with 30mm radius