Heavy Duty Instant Garages

Heavy-Duty Instant Garages from Just Kampers

We've got a great range of heavy-duty instant garages in stock at Just Kampers, ready to offer you and your vehicle shelter from the elements, a space to carry out some mechanical work, and additional room and storage for your vehicles, tools and parts.

They're available in five different sizes, and each one is formed of a sturdy frame of high-quality steel which supports a damage-resistant canvas made of three layers of waterproof material. 

Whether you need to shelter your classic VW, or you're after a space to carry out a camper conversion on your modern van, a heavy-duty instant garage is an excellent way to ensure you've got a dry, spacious area for your vehicle. 

Heavy-Duty Instant Garage features:

Heavy Duty Advanced Fabric

The canvas which forms the outer shell of these heavy-duty instant garages is made up of a triple-layer of waterproof, extra-tough fabric which is woven from polyethylene fibres. Fully UV treated and resistant to damage and rips, the material will keep your vehicle cosy and dry.

Ratchet Tight Cover Tensioning

Supplied with high-quality web strapping with ratchet tensioners, you'll be able to keep the outer canvas of your heavy-duty instant garage stable and secure, whatever the weather throws at you.

Heavy Duty Powder Coated Steel Tubing

The frame is fully powder coated to protect against rusting, chipping and corrosion, as well as being strong enough to resist being bent or damaged by accidents or high winds.

Simple Push-Fit Connections

The steel poles which form the frame simply push together for quick and easy assembly, with full instructions supplied in the box. All you need to do is lay out the poles, fit them together, and secure the canvas over the top.

Cross Rails For Continuous Cover Tightening

The heavy-duty instant garages include brackets which allow for easy access to pressure points within the frame, allowing you to maintain optimal cover tightening to keep everything safe and secure.

Clarke Extra Tall Heavy-Duty Instant Garages, exlusive to Just Kampers

We teamed up with Clarke to design and create these extra tall versions of their heavy-duty instant garages, to allow you to use them with taller campers with pop tops or high roof conversions to benefit from the superb protection these instant garages provide.

Tall 2.78m x 4.5m x 3.1m
Extra Tall 2.82m x 4.9m x 3.8m.

As well as making excellent workshop spaces for fixing up your vehicles, we've had customers tell us they've had a great time using these heavy duty instant garages for outdoor trade shows and exhibitions, site storage for builders, temporary workspaces for race teams, and even extra storage for schools, businesses and local authorities!

Clarke's Heavy-Duty Instant Garages available at Just Kampers

We're stocking Clarke's range of heavy-duty instant garages, as we've been really impressed with how useful they are for both temporary and long-term use, offering the protection of traditional buildings at a fraction of the price.

Ideal for protecting your pride and joy from the elements, these garages are durable, weatherproof and ideal for giving yourself a sheltered space to work on your vehicles.

Small 4.5m x 3m x 2.4m,
Medium 6.1m x 3m x 2.4m,
Large 6.1m x 3.7m x 2.5m.


  • Heavy Duty Advanced Fabric - Triple-layer, waterproof, extra-tough woven polyethylene fabric which is fully UV treated,
  • Ratchet Tight Cover Tensioning - Quality ratchet & web strap components keep the cover tight and neat looking in all weathers,
  • Heavy Duty Powder Coated Steel Tubing - The frame is fully powder coated to protect against rusting, chipping and corrosion,
  • Simple Push-Fit Connections - Poles simply push together for quick and easy assembly,
  • Cross Rails For Continuous Cover Tightening - Brackets allow easy access to pressure points for optimal cover tightening.