Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base has been created by JK experts to help fellow Volkswagen enthusiasts get as much enjoyment  from their VWs as we get from ours.

Join the Club

VW owners clubs are a great way to make new friends, glean expert advice and plan VW related adventures.  With the marque enjoying a strong following there's bound to be a club local to you.  Scroll through our list of clubs to find the one that's nearest to you...

Just the Ticket

Events are a great way to spend time with your family, friends and thousands of socialble souls who share your passion for all things Volkswagen.  Check out the events calendar to see whats on when and you may even be able to pick up some discount parts from the Just Kampers stand...

Model Histories

Eager to brush up on your chassis numbers?  Looking to decipher engine codes?  Want to know if L041 is the new black? Or perhaps you're just interested in the story behind your Volkswagen... Unravel the myths with our comprehenseive model histories.