10 Steps to Prepare Your Camper for Summer

10 Steps to Prepare Your Camper for Summer

Written by the JK Team
Published 6 June 2024
Just Kampers

Things are starting to look a lot more summery, and a lot of us are starting to make sure that our VWs are ready to make the most of the summer when it does officially arrive.

With so many great VW shows on the horizon, including Classics at the Clubhouse and European Bug-In this month, it’s time to prepare our campers (and air-cooled cars) to hit the road and get ready for adventure!

You’ll know your Volkswagen better than anyone, and you’ve probably got a list of jobs to tackle already, but this quick guide might help you remember a couple of things you hadn’t thought of, so read on for ten steps you can take to get your campervan ready for the summer.

Give Your Camper a Good Service

First things first, you’ll want to make sure your camper is in good condition and everything is working properly, so you can enjoy the sunshine when it arrives!

It’s easier than you might think to run an engine service on your camper. Whether you’ve got an early T2 Splitscreen or a modern T6.1, you’ll be able to check over a whole range of essential components with a little know-how and some fairly basic tools.

We’ve got a great range of Engine Service Bundle Kits which will get you all the spare parts you might need to service your VW’s engine and save you money at the same time.

You can also find helpful guides on how to go about servicing your Volkswagen, either as written guides with downloadable PDFs or how-to videos.

Create a breakdown kit for your VW

It’s always best to be prepared for the worst, and packing a full set of spare parts (plus the tools you’d need to fit them) seems to be a great way of warding off unexpected breakdowns!

The JK Team usually set off in our VWs with a bundle of spare parts like cables, bulbs, and V-belts, as well as the tools used to fit those spares, when we’re heading out on an adventure.

No one wants to end up stuck at the side of the road for hours, but even if you can’t fix the issue yourself and need to call for roadside assistance, having the spare parts you need with you means it’s more likely that you’ll be back on the road faster.

Get Blackout Curtains and Sleep in Past Dawn…

Camping is meant to be relaxing and fun, but no one enjoys waking up at the crack of dawn unless they’re getting up early to go on holiday!

Luckily, we’ve got a huge range of blackout curtains which are tailored to the size and shape of the windows in different campervans. They come with pre-formed curtain rails, too, so all you need to do it screw the rails in, stretch the curtains a bit, and attach them to the rails.

These blackout curtains are a great way to keep sunlight, and prying eyes, out of your van while you’re camping!

… or grab some thermo mats!

Our range of blackout curtains are great, but if you’re looking for a quicker way to make the inside of your campervan nice and dark, then our exclusive JK thermo mats are a great option.

We’ve been producing these thermo mats for years now, and each set is designed to perfectly match the dimensions of your camper’s window, and comes with a set of suction cups so they’re quick and easy to fit.

They also roll away nice and small, so they’re easy to store away when you’re not using them.

Take a look at our list of upcoming VW Shows & Events

If you’re looking to get inspired, then check out our full list of the different VW shows and events which are coming up in the UK and in mainland Europe.

We’ve organised a cruise from JK HQ in Odiham, Hampshire over to Chimay, Belgium for European Bug-In 2024 at the end of June which you’re welcome to join.

If you don’t fancy driving quite that far, there are plenty of other Volkswagen shows coming up here in the UK this summer, with old favourites returning and fresh new shows popping up too!

Check that you have EU Driving Cover if you’re going into Europe

If you are heading over to mainland Europe in your camper, you’ll need to check that you’ve got EU Driving Cover as part of your vehicle insurance policy.

If you’re insured by Just Kampers Insurance, you may well have EU Driving Cover included in your policy already!

Either way, it’s always important to check that you’ll be fully insured when driving in the EU, and that you’ve got the hi-vis jackets, warning triangles, and other items required to drive in different EU countries.

Turn Heads with Cool Accessories and Simple Upgrades

There’s nothing better than treating yourself (and your camper) to a cool new accessory which can totally change up the way your VW looks or drives.

You’ll find a great range of accessories here at Just Kampers, from simple stealth USB outlets through to full on disc brake conversion kits, and everything in between!

Whether you want a quieter ride with soundproofing, or to get more use from your interior with a swivel seat base, we’ve got you covered here at JK.

Keep Your Camper Fully Charged with Solar Panels

Investing in a set of solar panels is a great ‘fit and forget’ option if you want to keep your appliances and personal devices fully charged while you’re camping, but don’t want to be restricted to campsites with mains hook-ups.

Take a look at the great range of different solar panels available here at Just Kampers, and see if this is the summer you finally get around to fitting a set to your camper!

Save Money with Special Offers on Camping Gear

You can pick up some absolute bargains right now from Just Kampers, as a huge chunk of our camping range is currently on special offer.

With deals like £118.55 off a Campingaz 360 Grill, it’s no surprise that a lot of these special offer outdoor products are selling fast!

Click here to see our full range of camping special offers, and see how much you can save on new outdoor kit.

Say Goodbye to Bugs with Fly Screens for Your Camper

Whether you’re enjoying the famously midge-ridden Scottish Highlands, or just a local campsite, having bugs fly into your camper can quickly ruin any otherwise peaceful evening!

There’s a great range of fly screens and insect meshes in stock right now at Just Kampers, with more being added as we continue to create more of our own products.

They’ll also do a great job of keeping pets inside your camper, too, without losing out on airflow on those balmy summer evenings!

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