A Little Dynamat Goes a Long Way!

A Little Dynamat Goes a Long Way!

JK's Head of Marketing
Published 13 November 2020
Josh Reynolds

We use our VWs a lot here at Just Kampers, for commuting to work, trips away and travelling to shows around the UK and Europe.
We’re always keen to try out anything that can make a difference to how comfortable we can make our ‘dubs, especially when it comes to reducing road noise and improving insulation.
One of the best products we’ve found so far for this is Dynamat.

Dynamat is a world-leading sound deadening system, which also acts as an effective insulator, so it’s a win-win for both classic and modern VWs.
The idea of finding one product to reduce road noise, increase stereo sound quality and keep the vehicle cool in summer and warmer in winter was too good to pass up, so we gave it a trial run.

In order to really put it through it’s paces, we had Dynamat trial fitted on one of our VW Beetles, now owned by Roger in Customer Services, and a T5 owned by Mark Reynolds, MD of Just Kampers.

Dynamat was fitted to our 1966 sunroof Beetle at the JK Open Day, to show off how quick and easy it is to install. The entire inside was decked out in Dynamat Xtreme over the course of the afternoon, with all the pieces being cut to fit the Bug.

Here's a video demonstration of the Dynamat being fitted to the Beetle:

Once the interior was put back in over the top, it gave a completely different ride, totally eliminating the old rattles and road noise. We could hear the stereo again, too!

Dynamat works by effectively lowering the resonant frequency of the panel(s) you apply it to, which means that the panel is less prone to vibrate and create noise. Just a small amount of Dynamat can have a dramatic effect on the background road noise in your vehicle, making it a much more peaceful ride.

A few weeks after having Dynamat fitted to his T5, Mark said: “I was genuinely surprised at the difference it has made to my T5. You can now hold a conversation on the motorway without having to shout. On the bumpy country lanes I travel on daily, it’s like driving a different vehicle in terms of noise.”

As soon as we saw just how big a difference Dynamat made to our VWs, we wanted to spread the word to our customers. To do this, we ran a competition with Dynamat where the winner had their T2 kitted out with Dynamat.

You can see the results in the video here:

After the resounding success of these tests, we now stock a full range of Dynamat products at Just Kampers, including Dynamat Xtreme, Dynaliner, DynaDeck and Dynamat Hoodliner.

We really recommend that you check it out, or get in touch for a testimonial. 

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