Brand Focus: Eazy Designs

Brand Focus: Eazy Designs

Part of JK's Marketing Team
Published 16 September 2022
Dan Harris

We’re casting a spotlight on another top brand this week, taking a look at Eazy Designs, and showing you some of the fantastic products we stock of theirs!

 Who are Eazy Designs?
Eazy Designs was established in 2020 so it’s a fairly young company, but don’t let that throw you off. Their sister company, named CJ Van Designs, was founded back in 2002 so all in all, they have a great wealth of experience and knowledge all to do with van and camper life!

British engineering and design is at the forefront of Eazy Designs, meaning the products that they’re putting out are of the highest quality and keep the bar set high for anything else they produce.


What do they currently make?
Eazy Designs currently make a range of different products for modern campers such as the VW T5 and T6 and they are all made to the highest standard, in Britain, with British materials.

The electric Eazy Bed is a great product to start with.

Rock and Roll beds can be a pain to get up and down, especially if you’ve been super busy and can’t bare the thought of anything else physical. Pressing a button initiates the process of lowering and raising the bed and takes charge all the way through to the finish, with NO effort whatsoever! Pressing the button again will fold the bed back into the seat position requiring nothing except patience from the operator!

All electric rock & roll beds are M1 crash tested for maximum safety whilst on the road and give you peace of mind that if any accident should unfortunately occur, no safety is compromised for the rear seat passenger.


The Eazy plug & play range is a great addition to any camper that requires a bit more juice for your higher-powered electrical goods. Has it been pouring on the campsite, and you need your hair dryer? Or is your laptop on death’s door? No problem.

These Eazy plug & play kits include home-style plug sockets, a fuse box, and the power inlet for your vehicle, not forgetting the parts to fit the kit, allowing you to deliver this power on tap, directly from the site power source.

Eazy Designs also makes the Eazy Plug & Play 12v Electrical kit which allows you to power some of your devices and appliances through your van, without having to find external 240v power. Some of your devices have no need for 240v and this kit is perfect for those. With the included double USB ports and LED lights that can be placed where you feel necessary, this kit feels modern and will enhance your camper for those more remote trips away! 

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