Can I Rent Out My Camper Van? | How It Works| Just Kampers

Can I Rent Out My Camper Van? | How It Works| Just Kampers

Written by the JK Team
Published 13 November 2020
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 Campervan owners generally like to make sure they get plenty of use out of their camper to make the costs involved with owning one worthwhile. For most of us, however, it’s simply not feasible to take as many campervan trips a year as we wish we could. A great way to solve this predicament is to hire out your campervan. Whether or not you’ve considered this before, read on for everything you need to know about renting out your camper.

Advantages of renting out your camper

There’s no denying that the main reason why campervan owners hire out their vehicles is for financial gain. The fact is, depending on the make, model, and style of your camper, you could earn more than £100 per night by renting it out!

An added benefit of hiring out your camper is to give others the opportunity to experience one. Because campers are such an investment, there are many people out there who simply cannot afford to buy and maintain one. By renting yours out, such people will be able to take the driving holiday they dream about.

How to advertise your camper for hire

Once you’ve decided you’d like to put your campervan up for rental, you need to go about advertising it. This can be done privately, or using third party companies.

Renting out a campervan through a third party

There is an increasing number of third-party accommodation booking companies that can be used to advertise your camper as a rental.. These can be a convenient option with which you might get plenty of business, however it’s important to note that their percentage of your rental fee is often high.

Renting out a campervan privately

Some campervan owners prefer to do their own advertising and rental arrangements, so that the whole rental cost is received by them. If this sounds like your preferred option, a great way to advertise is to use social media. Whether adding a post to your own social media account, or using a common space like Facebook Marketplace, social media is a free forum that can deliver great results. Other effective methods of obtaining business for campervan hire include:

  • Word of mouth
  • Placing ads in newspapers/magazines
  • Placing ads on communal noticeboards

How to make your camper stand out as a rental

Another important part of advertising your camper for hire is finding a way to make it stand out against the competition.

To do this, consider describing and presenting photos of its unique features. These could be:

  • Comfortable and stylish interior décor
  • Quirky exterior signage
  • Impressive modifications
  • An included driveaway awning

Anything unusual and attractive should be thoroughly highlighted to catch the attention of prospective customers.

What insurance do I need to rent out my camper?

One aspect of renting out your camper that often goes overlooked early on, is obtaining the right kind of insurance. Just like if you were to let a friend borrow your car, you need to put the appropriate policy in place to hire out your vehicle. This kind of insurance is often known as ‘self-drive hire insurance’, and can be arranged by a reputable insurance provider such as  Just Kampers Insurance.

Keeping your camper safe and secure

Before you can hire out your campervan, it’s vital that you make sure it’s in tip top condition and completely safe to drive as well as live in.

Vehicle safety

Keep your camper running by carrying out regular checks and keep everything topped up and replaced as necessary using a reputable supplier. Be sure to look at all your fluid levels, the state of the tyres, and its basic functions. You should also keep on top of cleaning.

Accommodation safety

Campervans usually include electrical equipment such as cooking, heating, and entertainment systems. While convenient, these do present additional fire hazards. Make sure all your equipment is kept clean and in good working order, and take out contents insurance to keep you covered.


Consider your terms and conditions

Renting out your pride and joy is often a cause for anxiety for some campervan owners. Abate your fears by putting in place terms and conditions that you feel comfortable with. To determine these, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to limit the number of people who will stay in your camper?
  • Do you want to allow children and if so, is there an age limit you’d prefer?
  • Do you want to allow dogs or other pets in your camper?
  • Do you want to set a limit on mileage?
  • Do you mind if renters take your camper abroad, and do you have the right insurance in place for this?
  • Would you prefer if drivers were over a certain age/had so many years of experience?

It’s your campervan at the end of the day, so ultimately all these considerations are entirely up to you. Just be aware that putting too many T&Cs in place could end up putting people off renting your camper, so have a think about which needs you might be willing to accommodate.


Renting out your camper is a great way to earn some supplementary income, especially if you don’t use your camper as often as you’d like. If you make the choice to do so, you’ll be delighted knowing it’s still providing someone with an excellent break away, while bringing in a little cash to keep it well-maintained. To make sure your campervan includes everything a renter, as well as yourself, could need, take a look at the latest camping accessories available to enhance the camper experience.

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