Fun Road Trip Activities for Kids

Fun Road Trip Activities for Kids

Written by the JK Team
Published 20 July 2022
Just Kampers

The school summer holidays are looming perilously close, and parents across the UK are looking around for things to keep the kids entertained for about six weeks!

While they may not get you a whole summer of peace and quiet, we’ve got a whole load of fun activities for children (or the young at heart!) to get stuck in to at home, on the road or while you’re on holiday.

We’ve reimagined some classic road trip games for kids, and given them a Just Kampers twist, as well as some free colouring pages and even a truly retro paper fortune teller!

All you’ve got to do is print them off, find some felt-tip pens which haven’t dried out, and let the kids have at it. We’d love to see some of the colouring in, once they’re done, so send them through to and we’ll add our favourites to this blog post.

We know keeping the children entertained isn’t always easy, especially if you’ve got a long drive ahead of you, so we’re hoping these free printable downloads will help take some of the stress out of your next road trip or rainy afternoon!

Colouring in!
Alright, maybe not the easiest activity for road trips themselves, what with all the rattling around in the back of the vehicle and the tendancy for pen lids to get lost in any nook or cranny, but if you've got some time on your hands and a nice flat surface, we've got a range of five different colouring in pages for you to print out and fill it!

Click on the links below to download one of our cool colouring pages, and then go wild with your chosen colouring medium! 

Going old school with some wax crayons? Risking the potentially dried out felt tips? Planning to edit the PDF digitally and really show off by colouring it in with proper art software? 

Download the files below:
Beetle colouring in page
Splitscreen colouring in page
Bay Window colouring in page
T25 colouring in page
T4 colouring in page
Karmann Ghia Cabriolet colouring in page
Karmann Ghia Razor colouring in page
Type 3 Notchback colouring in page

However you're planning to decorate it, we'd love to see what you come up with! 

Send us your finished pages to and we'll share them out on our social media pages. 

Cut & Paste paper models
We've made a couple of paper VWs which you can colour in, decorate and then (carefully and safely) cut out and glue together, leaving you with a super cool replica of either a Beetle or a T2 Bay in a truly bespoke colour scheme! 

Whether you're using our cut & paste pages to try out some potential colour schemes, kill half an hour or test out those new scissors you just bought, we're excited to see what you come up with! 

Check out the links below to download the PDF files and print them out on A4 (or bigger, if you want a larger paper VW!), then get to work with whatever pens, pencils, crayons or pots of glitter you might have laying around. 

Download the files below:
Cut & Paste Beetle
Cut & Paste Bay

We'd love to see how you've coloured in your paper 'dubs, and to see if you've done the glueing neater than we managed to! 

Email us a photo of your creation to and we'll share them out on our social media pages. 

Word searches
While we haven't made enough of these to create one of those books you find in airports and train stations, printed on weird greyish paper, we have put together five different word searches, all following a VW theme. 

Each one has twelve words in, which follow a similar trend, and are long enough to buy you a few minutes peace and quiet, without being so long that tempers get frayed! We've also made you a blank word search template, which you can use to create your own cool word searches! 

Quick and easy to print out and fill in, you can always print out multiples and challenge your kids to see who can finish theirs first. 

Download the files below:
• JK Word Search
JK Word Search 2.0
JK Word Search (Beetle)
JK Word Search (Workshop)
JK Word Search (Blank)

We're not going to print out the answers highlighted, like the back of a kids' cereal box, because we believe in you and we know you can complete them all without our help! 

Fortune Teller
As if the colouring in, word search and cut and paste vehicles weren't enough for you, we've put together another playground classic - the paper fortune teller. 

It won't tell you who your first love will be, or the answers to the big maths quiz, but cut it out and fold it up and the mysterious forces of the universe will give you a vehicle and a paint code - perhaps a message about your next project? Who knows! 

Download the files below:
JK Fortune Teller

The folding can be a bit tricky, so that might buy you half an hour on its own! 

Just Kampers Vanfest Crossword Fortune Teller
Straight from the depths of our Just Kampers Archive, we've uploaded a copy of a crossword we put together in the early 2000's for the Vanfest Fun Book - the show now known as Busfest.

Download the files below:
JK Crossword

We originally created this puzzle for a Vanfest Fun Book in the 2000's, which you may find relevant when you get to, say, 3 Down. 

If we send our creations in, where can we see them?
We'd love to see what you create with our printable activities, so send them through to us at and we'll post them to our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

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