Get Ready for the VolksWorld Show 2023

Get Ready for the VolksWorld Show 2023

JK's Head of Marketing
Published 24 February 2023
Josh Reynolds

Join us at the VolksWorld Show next month, for the unofficial start of the VW show scene here in the UK!

We’ll be at Sandown Park in Esher, Surrey for the VolksWorld Show from 18 to 19 March 2023, catching up with friends, showing off what we’ve been up to, and taking orders throughout the weekend.  

Fancy free tickets to the VolksWorld Show, and getting your classic VW on display?

We’re excited to show off a collection of your classic VWs in our new JK Customer Display Area at the VolksWorld Show!

We’ll be parking up a few of your Volkswagens outside in the grandstand area, which overlooks the racecourse, to show off the hard work and passion you've out into your VWs. 

A couple of people have had to drop out of displaying their VWs with us at the VolksWorld Show, which means there’s spaces for you and your VW to take pride of place on our new JK Customer Car Area

You'll also get a pair of free weekend tickets to the VolksWorld Show, as well as having your classic VW seen by thousands of people!

Dominic Chinea will be joining the JK Team at VolksWorld 2023

Star of BBC’s The Repair Shop and his own YouTube channel, Dominic Chinea, will be with us on Saturday 18 at the VolksWorld Show, with his Oval Beetle parked up on our Just Kampers stand.

He’s been working to restore his mum’s Oval, after it’s been sat in a garage for about 15 years. We’ve been lending a hand by getting him the parts he needs to get the Beetle back on the road, and he’s been chronicling the restoration journey on his YouTube channel.

Dom will be posting new videos of his Oval resto every Sunday evening at 5pm, so click here to check out Dom’s channel, and see the Beetle he’s working on

Meet ‘Workshop Mark’ in person

Speaking of YouTube stars, our very own Mark B., who also answers to ‘Workshop Mark, will also be on our Just Kampers stand at the VolksWorld Show. 

If you’ve seen any of our how-to videos, you’ve followed our mission to convert a camper for under £10,000, you saw our recent VW T25 engine swap, or you’ve tuned into our Workshop Wednesday live-streams, you’ll probably be familiar with Mark B. and his in-depth knowledge of all things mechanical. 

He’ll be on the Just Kampers stand on Sunday 19 March, chatting away and answering any questions you might have, so make sure you drop by and say Hi! 

Win a LEGO Camper with Just Kampers Insurance

As well as having Mark and Dom on our stand, we’ll also have the team from Just Kampers Insurance with us, giving you the chance to win a LEGO Campervan.

These super cool campers are no longer being produced by LEGO, so this could be your last chance to get your hands on one!

All you’ll need to do is drop by the Just Kampers stand and fill in a quick form to enter a prize draw. Everyone who enters will receive a free tax disc for a year of your choice, as well as a cool tax disc holder, and be in with a chance of being randomly chosen to win the LEGO Camper.

Good luck, and see you there!

Get exclusive special offers from Just Kampers

We’ll have a series of special offers on our stand at the VolksWorld Show next month, giving you the chance to save money on some really cool products. 

There’ll also be some exclusive new products on display, which you’ll definitely want to check out up close. 

Chat with the JK Team

It’s a good thing we’ve got a pretty big stand at the VolksWorld Show, because we’ll also have some of the JK Team there to chat all things VW, give you technical advice, take your orders, and help out with anything else you might need from Just Kampers. 

It’ll be a great chance for you to put faces to names if you’ve spoken to the JK Team over the phone, and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have, or just chat about what we’ve all been up to since we saw you last! 

What vehicles are Just Kampers bringing to VolksWorld this year?

As usual, we’ll be bringing a selection of our own fleet of classic VWs along to the show, whether we’re displaying them at VolksWorld or just parking them up in the carpark.

In the water-cooled area outside, we’ll have a few of our recent project cars, including:

Our engine-swapped Magnum Edition VW T25

We recently swapped the original 1600cc diesel engine from our Magnum T25 for a 2000cc petrol unit from a Golf GTI, and it made a massive difference to how the camper drives!

We’ll have the limited edition T25 parked up on our outdoor stand at the VolksWorld Show next month, so you can check out the changes we made to an already pretty rare and interesting VW. We've also added a load of VW T25 Engine Conversion parts to our range, which you can see here

Mark Reynolds’ VW T6.1 Swamper

The on-site workshop at Just Kampers is in constant use, testing out potential new products, working on our own vehicles, or filming how-to videos for our YouTube channel. Some of the cooler products for modern VWs we’ve tested out recently are the ‘Swamper’ conversion parts we fitted to Mark Reynolds’ VW T6.1.

Mark founded Just Kampers back in 1989, and still drives VWs every day, so when he shared his plans to drive through Scandinavia to see the Northern Lights it felt like the perfect opportunity to fit some Swamper kit to his van.

If you’re thinking about taking your Transporter off-road, you’ll want to check out his T6.1 Swamper!

Project 22 – The VW T6.1 we converted into a camper for under £10,000

Last year we converted a fairly basic, entry-level VW T6.1 into a dream campervan for less than £10,000.

We did all the work right here at JK HQ, and filmed the whole process for our YouTube channel to give you a series of how-to videos so you can convert your own camper.

You’ll be able to check out our handiwork and get some inspiration for your own project at the VolksWorld Show, so come say hi!

JK’s Winter Restoration Deals

Our exclusive JK Winter Restoration Deals will be ending at 23:59 on Sunday 19 March 2023, after the VolksWorld Show wraps up. These deals will save you up to 10% across a massive range of over 4,000 classic VW parts and accessories, to help get your vehicle in shape for an exciting summer ahead!

Click here to see how much you could save

What’s on for the rest of 2023?

If you can’t make it to the VolksWorld Show next month, or you just want to fill up your calendar with different VW shows and events, make sure you check out our show calendar.

We’ve listed out loads of different Volkswagen shows from across the UK, which will give you loads to look forward to and maybe a little extra motivation to get your VW in top shape (or just back on the road!).

Click here to check out our VW Shows & Events Calendar

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We’ve put together a list of over a hundred different events and activities across the UK which will cost a family of four less than £100 to attend – and most of them are free!

Whether you’re into crafts or want to watch the World Championships of Gravy Wrestling, there’s something on the list for everyone!

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