Get your classic VW on display at the VolksWorld Show with JK

Get your classic VW on display at the VolksWorld Show with JK

JK's Head of Marketing
Published 16 November 2022
Josh Reynolds

Fancy a pair of free weekend tickets to VolksWorld, and getting your VW on display at the show? Here's your chance! 

We’re offering free tickets, and a space on our new club display stand, to a selection of customers who’ve been restoring their classic VWs over the winter.

If you’ll be taking advantage of JK’s Winter Restoration Deals to fix up your Volkswagen, we’d love to see what you’re up to!

What we’re offering:
We’ve secured a new display area at the 2023 VolksWorld Show, which has space for five customer vehicles.

This new JK display area will be located outdoors, in the Grandstand area, near our main stand. You could get your newly restored classic VW on display here, and a pair of free tickets to the VolksWorld Show.

That's a pretty strong motivator to get out there and get that project vehicle finished!

Send us an email to with some info on your VW if you're interested.

What we’d ask in return:
If you’re able to make the VolksWorld Show, and want to display your newly restored classic VW on our club stand at the event, then we’d love to have you join us at the event.

All we’d ask in exchange is that you take some clear, focused photos of the work you’re doing to your VW as well as some info on what you’re doing, why and how.

Extra details like anything that went a bit wrong, or helpful tips you’ve picked up that might help other people, would be fantastic, too.

Two or three updates of your progress, each with around 10 photos, would be ideal.

We’re always really keen to share your stories, and we’d love to be able to show off the work you’re doing on the JK site, as well as our Facebook and Instagram pages. If you’re able to do videos, we could even share them on our YouTube page.

Got questions?
If you need to know anything else, or want to clarify something, just send us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

About the 2023 VolksWorld Show
If you haven’t been before, the VolksWorld Show is seen by many as the unofficial start of the VW show season here in the UK, with thousands of people heading to the Sandown Racecourse in Esher, Surrey each year for the event.

The show will take place on Saturday 18 March and Sunday 19 March 2023, with camping available from 1 pm onwards on Friday 17 March until 8 pm on Sunday 19 March.

Click here for more information about the VolksWorld Show.

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