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Getting Ready for International Book Giving Day 2022

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Published 9 February 2022
Heidi Padoin

This year, February 14th is a day of multiple occasions. Most well-known for Valentine’s Day, in 2022 it’s also International Book Giving Day.

The celebration began back in 2012 and has grown in exposure year after year. International Book Giving Day is a volunteered initiative which aims to increase children’s exposure to books in aid of enriching their lives. By building their enthusiasm for literature in any form, it helps to stimulate their brains and build a healthy imagination!

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What day is it?

This 2022 the charity event falls on February 14th, also home to Valentine’s Day which celebrates the acts of love, based around the death date of Saint Valentine of Rome.

We find it quite poetic how both holidays fall on the same day this year; have you considered if your other half would appreciate a book for Valentine’s Day..?

How did the charity start?

International Book Giving Day was brought to life back in 2012 by Amy Broadmoore and her son, and they worked alongside Zoe Toft to get the organisation started. The charity is now run by Emma Perry and is supported by Catherine Friess. You can read more about the origins of the event, and it’s creators, here.

As mentioned on their website, a 2017 study by the National Literacy Trust deduced that in every eight children from poorer backgrounds, only one will have accesses to literature. The team behind International Book Giving Day saw this as an incredibly low number and set out to try and change it.

The UK and another 43 countries get involved in the event in different ways, here’s how you can get involved.

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Give a book away today!

You can take part in the event in a number of ways, but one of their proposed methods is quite mischievous! If you get involved, you and the kids can donate some books by leaving them in obscure hiding places for them to be found later, much like an Easter Egg hunt.

The charity suggests that you print out the labels on their website and gently stick them to the front of the book. The intention is to make it clear that the book you are donating is intended to be found and taken home.

Most people don’t expect things to be given away for free, so please aim to make it clear for those who should be taking them home. The organisers suggest leaving them in communal areas where children may pass by, such as a library, dental reception, hospital waiting rooms or even under a slide at the playpark!

It’s an imaginative way to be involved and can be a bit of fun for you and the kids. Some go back to the places the books were left to see if they have found their rightful owners!

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Don't be afraid to take inspiration

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We hope you enjoy this upcoming February 14th, if you want to get involved in International Book Giving Day, then we encourage you to share what you’ve donated on social media via the hashtag listed on the charity website: #bookgivingday.

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Have fun and give with love!

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