JK Show Report: Bicester Sunday Scramble

JK Show Report: Bicester Sunday Scramble

JK's Marketing Assistant
Published 25 April 2022
Heidi Padoin

This weekend, some of us will have had the pleasure of cruising up to Bicester to enjoy the weekend Scramble. 

Heidi from the JK Team went to visit Bicester Heritage for the show on Sunday, with her boyfriend Josh Richards. Together they got coverage of the show for us at Just Kampers, and their side hustle Vamp Original. Heidi wrote the below for us on her way home from the event:

Today we went up to Bicester for the Sunday Scramble meet and it was incredible. The sheer amount of diversity between cars topped any show I have visited before!!

On the way down we passed a few cars, one of which was a Ferrari Testerossa. Much like many events, the car park itself becomes it's own show! As we pulled up we saw a Toyota Yaris GR, which is effectively a road legal version of Toyota's controversial rally spec Yaris!

We also saw a couple Honda S2000's and a Subaru Impreza; there really was a suprising amount of JDM cars at the event, looking back. 

Lamourghini Countach, image credits to Vamp Original.

Once we got there, much to my excitement, the first car I spotted on foot was a Lamborghini Countach. I immediately ran up to it and proceeded to get a few pictures and videos.

As I'm taking pictures, from behind me I noticed someone approach. Next thing I hear is “do you want to sit inside?” And I thought, surely you’re joking?! The owner then proceeds to unlock the vehicle and he told me to take a seat in the drivers side!

Let me tell you, my heart was racing but I definitely couldn’t drive one… I’m bad enough at reversing as it is!

We didn't catch the name of the owner but we did get a small history lesson in the journey of his car and how it made it's way to him. The guy was incredibly down to earth and it was really nice to hear all about the Countach and learn some more about the model. We did learn that apparently the Countach is still recognised to have the widest wheels on any production car, from factory. 


VW Beetle, Image credits to Vamp Original.

There was a tonne of air-cooled vehicles there, some of which were beetle ovals, T2 Bays and Porsche 911 964’s!

There were so many Porsches there, we were spoiled for choice on what to look at first! The Sunday event, which we attended, was unusually Porsche heavy, but they are mostly aircooled!

Porsche 911 964, Image credits to Vamp Original. 

VW Splitscreen Single Cab Pickup, Image credits to Vamp Original. 

I did spot a red T2 bay window with just one seat for the driver…a bucket seat and a roll cage! Not the sort of setup you’d expect from a bus! We spotted another vehicle a little different from the rest, a VW Type 181, otherwise known as a kublewagen.

In very VW fashion, there were a number of parts on the kublewagen which were made for other vehicles. The indicator lenses and housings were from a VW Beetle and the rear lights from a T2 Bay!

Porsche 959, Image credits to Vamp Original. 

There were a number of rare cars at the show, most of which were Porsche’s. We were lucky enough to see not one, but two Porsche 959’s! The twin-turbocharged Porsche 959 was the world fasted road legal production car, at the time it was released. The car is a significant milestone in the history of Porsche. They were produced from 1986 till 1993 and there were only 337 ever built.

The rear engined, four wheel drive machine reached a top speed of 197 mph and was even breifly used in Group B rallying. We also got to see a Porsche Carerra 924 GTS and according to the owner there’s only about 59 ever produced from factory!


Porsche 924 GTS, Image credits to Vamp Original. 

VW XL1, Image credits to Vamp Original.

I took the opportunity to have a chat with a few 924 owners there, as I’m looking to purchase one. They peaked my interest when I found out that you could grab a Porsche but with a VW engine in it! Apparently the base 924 model was built with the same engine as a VW LT, the T25’s not so distant cousin!

Porsche 365, Image credits to Vamp Original.

This event was definitely one to remember and sometimes it’s the simpler events that really make their mark; we both went home with smiles on our faces!

Image Credits to Vamp Original. 

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