JK Show Report: Slough Swapmeet 2023

JK Show Report: Slough Swapmeet 2023

Written by the JK Team
Published 27 November 2023
Just Kampers

A few of us braved a cold and dark start to our Sundays this weekend to head to the iconic Slough Swapmeet, which was as busy and popular as always.

The Slough Swapmeet is a staple of the VW Show calendar, and has been for a long time now. For many of us it's the last chance to see some of our friends from the classic VW community until the show season kicks off again in the spring, so it's always a pretty crowded event. It's also an excellent opportunity to scout out some bargain parts to help us tackle that list of jobs we want to tackle over the winter!

Slough Swapmeet 2023

We should probably point out that the Slough Swapmeet is no longer actually held in Slough, but has a new home at Newbury Racecourse which works fantastically. It's an annual event, where people come together from across the UK to buy and sell parts and accessories for air-cooled VWs. The Swapmeet had a cool, retro 8-bit theme for 2023, and seeing SLOUGH SWAPMEET scrolling by over the main entrance with Pacman was a really cool way to start the show! 

The main part of the event – the swapmeet – was held indoors across two whole floors, which meant there were loads of people set up to trade rare, unusual, and interesting parts and accessories, and plenty of space for people to move around between stalls. 

Outside the event was a whole carpark full of air-cooled VWs and Porsches, and a seperate parking area for anyone looking to sell their classic car. 

Anyone who parked their air-cooled VW or Porsche in the carpark set aside for them was in with a chance of winning an award, and a really cool trophies inspired by 8-bit video games. The categories were: 

• Kong of the Carpark – Awarded to an exceptional vehicle
• The Outrun Trophy – Given to the fastest looking car
• Street Fighter II – Which went to the second toughest vehicle
• Frogger – For the car least likely to make it home
• Pong – Awarded to the most original vehicle

The trohpies where designed and created by Just Kampers' own Heidi and Chet, and we're not the only people who were seriously impressed with how cool they look!

Kong of the Carpark Trophy Winner

Outrun Trophy Winner

Street Fighter II Trophy Winner 

Frogger Trophy Winner

Pong Trophy Winner

It was great to be able to meet and chat with so many of you, and to see the Slough Swapmeet so busy!

We got some great feedback from loads of different people, took some cool photos, and generally had a really good time at one of the last major VW Shows of the year. 

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