JK Team Rides: Chet’s Beetle gets a Limited Edition EMPI Shifter

JK Team Rides: Chet’s Beetle gets a Limited Edition EMPI Shifter

JK's Head of Marketing
Published 18 March 2022
Josh Reynolds

We’re working flat out to knock out those finishing touches on our cars here at JK HQ, before we head off to the VolksWorld Show. Since there hasn’t been a VolksWorld Show for a couple of years, we’re all pretty excited and it’s been a great motivator to get our VWs finished up.

Chet from our Trade Sales team has just treated his Beetle to a brand new, limited edition Empi Eliminator Shifter, which looks awesome. He’ll be bringing his 1956 Oval-window Beetle to VolksWorld this weekend, so keep an eye out for it!

He fitted the new Eliminator shifter this weekend, and told us how he got on:

Show preparation are nearly done on my Oval, so there’s (hopefully) just the exhaust to re-fit now!!

Fitting the Eliminator shifter was pretty quick and easy to do, the only tools required are a 13mm socket and a 13mm open ended spanner.

I removed the old gearstick with the 13mm socket - top tip, select 2nd gear before removing so when you re-fit the new shifter you can get it lined up a bit quicker!

Once the old shifter was removed, I got some new shorter bolts, as I had a quick shift plate in previously.

It was then pretty easy to fit the Empi shifter using the 13mm spanner - you can’t use a socket as part of the mechanism is in the way.

Another tip: A bit of grease on the shifter ball, or in the socket of the shift rod before fitting will help with a smoother action.

The shifter does come with a rubber boot to cover the mechanism, but I prefer the look without it. Plus, fitting it to an early pan I couldn’t use it as the heater knob is in the way.

These shifters do not have a reverse lock out, but instead have a sprung loaded stop, so if you have a particularly weak shoulder or elbow, I probably wouldn’t advise fitting one of these!

Once fitted I did remove the wooden shifter handle to match it to the steering wheel I’ve been reconditioning.

A small amount of adjustment may be required, but hopefully we will get to VolksWorld without a hitch!!

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