Check Out JK’s Latest Project: A Lifted Look T2 Bay

Check Out JK’s Latest Project: A Lifted Look T2 Bay

JK's Marketing & PR Director
Published 25 June 2024
Josh Reynolds

Take a look at the 1971 T2 Bay that we’ve been working on, just in time for European Bug-In!

You’ll get a chance to see this Lifted Look Bay if you’re in Chimay for EBI this weekend, as it’ll be on display at the EMPI stand during the show.

We got the bus from Type 2 Detectives, and gave it a bit of a Lifted Look twist before fitting it with a whole range of different parts and accessories from our range and from EMPI, to make sure that it looks great and drives nicely.

Video: The JK And EMPI Bus - Getting Ready for European Bug-in!

More About Just Kampers’ Lifted Look T2 Bay

Here’s a quick overview of our newest project vehicle, to give you some of the most important information at a glance:

Year: 1971, left-hand drive
Engine: 1914cc EMPI long block
Wheels: EMPI Fuchs 15” 5x112
Suspension: Lifted with one-spline adjusters on the front, heavy-duty anti-roll bars front and back, KYB shocks front and back
Body: Front arches from a late T2 Bay have been used to create the rear arches
Accessories: EMPI Bus shifter, EMPI serpentine pulley kit, KYB shocks, Earz wind deflectors, and a lot more!
Paint: L31H Cincinnati Red
Decals: Custom Just Kampers and EMPI decals, designed by JK

What accessories did we fit to the T2 Bay?

The short answer is, a lot!

Creating this lifted-look bus has been a great opportunity for us to get hands-on with a huge variety of different parts and accessories, including loads from EMPI.

We’ve broken it down into mechanical accessories to help improve the way the Bay drives, and styling accessories which make the T2 look cooler!

Some of the Mechanical Accessories we fitted  (click to expand)

Some of the Styling Accessories we fitted  (click to expand)

About the T2 Bay’s Engine

We fitted an all-new EMPI 1941cc engine to the Bay – it’s got a lot of miles to cover in the next few weeks and months, so it needs to be able to keep up with highway traffic.

Testing and installing the engine was nice and simple, and it’s running beautifully!

The engine’s key specifications are:

Engine Case: AutoLinea EMPI heavy-duty bubble top (94mm)
Crankshaft: Direct drilled 69mm
Camshaft: Stock cam, .334” Lift, 250º Duration
Heads: EMPI high-performance dual port cylinder head, 94mm bore, 35.5 x 32mm stainless steel valves, single hi-rev valve springs, chromoloy retainers, performance valve job

Just Kampers and EMPI

You’ll likely have noticed that we’ve accessorised our T2 Bay with some decals which celebrate our friendship with EMPI, who we’ve been working closely with for over 20 years now.

There’s a good reason for this, as we’re working to get even more EMPI parts and accessories added to the range here at Just Kampers, to make them more readily available for people here in the UK.

We’ve been testing out a lot of these new EMPI parts as we built this bus, which has been a great opportunity to get hands-on with the ever-growing EMPI range and feel the quality for ourselves.

Since we’ve been working so closely with the EMPI team over the last few months, and we’ve used this T2 Bay as an opportunity to fit a lot of their parts and accessories, they’ve invited us to display the bus on their stand at European Bug-In!

EMPI are the main sponsor of European Bug-In, and the event is an homage to the original Bug-In, so it’ll be a great opportunity to chat with our friends at EMPI, meet a lot of you in person, and watch some air-cooled VW drag racing!

It’s not just European Bug-In that our new Bay will be taking part in though!

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