Just Kampers Awarded Plastic Free Approved Status from Surfers Against Sewage

Just Kampers Awarded Plastic Free Approved Status from Surfers Against Sewage

Written by the JK Team
Published 8 December 2023
Just Kampers

We're really proud to announce that we've recently been awarded Plastic Free Approved Status by Surfers Against Sewage, as part of their Plastic Free Communities project. 

Just Kampers has been working with and supporting Surfers Against Sewage for a number of years now, as we continue taking steps to ensure that our environmental impact is minimal and we're helping to take care of the environment both locally and on a larger scale. 

Our very own Gemma Halliday is a regional rep for Surfers Against Sewage, and has been helping us on our journey to becoming Business Champions

After receiving our official award and certificate from Surfers Against Sewage, Gem gave us the following update: 

"Being part of Surfers Against Sewage Ocean Network is more than just sponsoring a charity. Here at Just Kampers we take our responsibility to the environment really seriously and are continually looking at our actions to ensure that we’re operating in a sustainable and responsible way that isn’t causing massive harm to the planet.

"Recently we’ve been working hard towards becoming Plastic Free Business Champions.

"At the end of 2021 we made the decision to stop including Haribo in our parcels, since they all came in single-use plastic bags, as well as removing all other plastic bags from the business and encourage all of our staff to use refillable coffee cups and water bottles.

"Several members of the team also take in part in local (and not so local) beach cleans and litter picks throughout the year – getting into the beautiful outdoors is a big reason we love our vans after all!

"Now that we can proudly say we have achieved the first step and received our ‘Plastic free Champion’ status, we'll continue pushing on to remove even more single-use plastic from our business, as well as engaging more with our local community to help us take better care of our planet."

Watch Surfers Against Sewage's video How to be a Plastic Free Business Champion

More About Just Kampers and Surfers Against Sewage: 

We're proud to be a member of the Ocean Network - a group of businesses who've pledged their support to Surfers Against Sewage and their commitment to reducing single-use plastics and other pollutants. 

With Gemma from the JK Team volunteering as a regional rep for Surfers Against Sewage, we've been able to dedicate time and money to ensuring that all elements of Just Kampers are having the minimal possible environmental impact, from our packaging to our recycling system. 

Several members of the JK Team and our families take on beach cleans throughout the year, which is a great way to enjoy a day out in our VWs and have some friendly competition to see who can collect the most trash from the beach!

More Surfers Against Sewage's Plastic Free Communities project: 

The Plastic Free Communities initiative from Surfers Against Sewage is a whole network of community across the UK who are tackling the issue of single-use plastics around them.

From helping to keep their green spaces, beaches, and waterways free from plastic pollution, to getting involved with businesses, it's a people-led effort to take on the growing issue of single-use plastics. 

Individuals, schools, businesses, universities, and a whole host of other groups are joining together across the country to tackle an issue which would seem impossible without support. It's a fantastic project, and something we're proud to be involved in, which is why we're so pleased to have been given Plastic Free Approved Status recently. 

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