Just Kampers’ phonelines are open for orders, queries and customer service

Just Kampers’ phonelines are open for orders, queries and customer service

Written by the JK Team
Published 10 January 2023
Just Kampers

Great news, everyone: Just Kampers’ phonelines are once again open for you to place orders and ask us questions, as well as speaking to our customer services team.

All our phonelines were switched back on in late 2022, after being closed for a few months. This means you can give us a call on 01256 86 22 88 to order parts and accessories for your VW, as well as ask us any technical questions, or speak with our customer service team.

A more secure way to place orders with Just Kampers over the phone

Things have changed a bit, as we can no longer take payments directly over the phone, due to a new data security law known as 3DS2.

Instead, once we’ve put your order together, you’ll be sent an email with a payment link, allowing you to authorize the payment. When you’ve done that, we’ll get your order packed up and shipped out straight away, just like normal.

This quick additional step in the process has been brought in by the Government to help keep your data and money secure, and make it harder for anyone to fraudulently make payments with your credit or debit card.

Click here to read more about 3DS2

How can I get in touch with Just Kampers?

There’s plenty of ways to reach out to the JK Team, so we’re always accessible. 

Telephone: 01256 86 22 88

Email: sales@justkampers.co.uk

Live Chat: justkampers.com

Facebook: facebook.com/justkampers

Instagram: Instagram.com/justkampers

Post:  Just Kampers,
Unit 1, Stepeley Manor,
Long Lane, Odiham,
Hampshire, RG29 1JE

You can also stop by JK HQ, at the above address, to place an order, take a look around, or collect a Click & Collect order. 

We're open six days a week, only closing on Saturdays, and you can click here to see Just Kampers' opening hours

Why did the JK Team turn the phones back on?

In short, because we listened to your feedback, and you told us that you often needed to be able to speak to a human directly when placing an order for parts and accessories.

With 3DS2 looming last year, we made the tough decision to switch off our sales phoneline in early 2022.

Without being able to complete an order over the phone, we assessed the situation and felt it would be better to have our sales team responding to questions via Live Chat and emails, to answer any questions you might have had.

Since then, we’ve paid close attention to your comments and feedback, and have now reinstated our sales phoneline. In fact, two members of the JK Team have moved from working in our warehouse to be part of our sales team in the offices here at JK HQ.

Mikey and Will are doing an excellent job, and have gotten up to speed impressively fast, especially given the tens of thousands of products we stock, and the dozens of classic and modern vehicles we stock them for!

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