Lewis from the JK Team Gets His First Classic VW!

Lewis from the JK Team Gets His First Classic VW!

JK's Head of Marketing
Published 29 August 2023
Josh Reynolds

There’s yet another VW parked up at JK HQ now, as Lewis from our IT and marketing team has finally given in and bought himself a Beetle.

We had a quick chat with Lewis to ask about his Beetle while he was checking it over in our on-site workshop with our resident mechanic “Workshop Mark”.

A bit about Lewis

Lewis is our full stack developer, which means he maintains the Just Kampers website and some of the internal IT here at Just Kampers, as well as other bits and pieces.

He’s been part of the JK Team for four years now, and has done well to resist for so long before taking the plunge and getting his own classic Volkswagen. It’s also his first classic car, and a Beetle is a great choice for your first classic – especially if you have access to a warehouse of parts and a whole team of people who can help you learn how to maintain and repair your ride.

Lewis from the JK Team with his new 1970 VW BeetleLewis from the JK Team with his new 1970 VW Beetle

About Lewis’ new Beetle

Year: 1970
Engine: 1600cc
Wheels: Fuchs
Accessories: Lowered, big old exhaust, and a Weber carburettor.

What made you want to get a Beetle?
I wanted something different to a modern car, so the air-cooled engine appealed to me, and working at JK means having easy access to parts and equally importantly knowledge, so a Beetle is a logical choice.

What made you want to get this Beetle?
The style of it attracted me to it. It being in a fairly rust-free condition was also a bonus.

Did you notice any big differences driving the Beetle compared to your more modern car?
The overall experience is a lot different to my modern car. With the Beetle being lowered, you bounce around a lot more from any little bump in the road.

The engine is also louder and you can see smell the petrol. You have to change gears earlier, and there’s only 4. The seats are very comfy, though, and the lack of power steering isn’t too much of an issue, only when turning on the spot.

Lewis' new Beetle when he went to collect itLewis' new Beetle when he went to collect it

Have you got big plans for the Beetle?

Might start by getting new seat covers and refreshing the interior. Then I’ll look at putting it back to stock height, and maybe changing the wheels. Maybe give it a bit of a rally look, and possibly put a supercharger on it.

Will you be driving it through winter, or stashing it away?

As long as the weather isn’t too hazardous, I probably will take it out over winter.

Any advice for anyone who’s thinking about getting a Beetle?

Take your time finding the Beetle that’s right for you. There are new listings of Beetles for sale everyday, so don’t panic buy one.

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Lewis and his Beetle head to their first car show together

Lewis has already been to his first car meet with his new Beetle, having headed to Cool Flo's Summer Cruise Night at Brooklands Museum on 31 August. The Beetle behaved pretty well, and got Lewis there and back with a big smile on his face, which is great! 

Not only did he have a great time at the show, he also got a special golden sticker to comemorate the event - after all, collecting car stickers is a big part of owning a classic VW! 

Here are some of the photos Lewis took while he was at the Summer Cruise Night:

Thinking of buying a VW Beetle?

Check out our VW Beetle Buyers’ Guide for more information about what to look for when you’re shopping for a classic Volkswagen Beetle, including problem areas, differences between the years, and how to check for different mechanical issues which may need to be sorted.

Click here to read JK’s VW Beetle Buyers’ Guide.

Getting ready to drive off with Lewis' new 1970 BeetleGetting ready to drive off with Lewis' new 1970 Beetle

Beetles on the JK Marketplace

Not sure where to look? We run our own Just Kampers Marketplace, where people can buy and sell classic Volkswagens.

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