Our general sales phone line will close from 3 May 2022

Our general sales phone line will close from 3 May 2022

JK's Marketing Assistant
Published 28 April 2022
Heidi Padoin

Times are changing! Unfortunately, as of Sunday the 3rd May, we’ll no longer be taking sales over the phones. We understand that this will be a big change for some people, but we have to adapt to work with the laws being introduced in the UK.

The law in question is 3DS2, which means that all payments require two methods of authentication, and therefore all payments will have to be done online. This is not just for us, 3DS2 will be affecting all businesses. But don’t fret, the phones aren’t completely turning off, here’s more about what’s happening and how we will be operating from Tuesday 3 May.

Here's what 3DS2 means:
3DS2 effectively means that transactions will require two different sources of authentication to accept that it is really you making the payment. This is all being done to protect our payment information and make fraudulent transactions and scams far less likely.  

For a transaction to process, two out of the following three pieces of information will need to be provided. They will ask for:

• User fingerprint or face ID, or other future identification which uses your features,

• Access to a device which the user is said to own, such as a phone, app, or laptop,

• Something the user knows, such as a password.

You’ll be protected when you use 3DS2. If you are subject to any form of fraudulent transaction, the service you’ve used will not be liable if they are processed by 3DS2. Instead, the bank will be responsible for the reimbursement of the lost funds, as the bank would have wrongly approved the movement of money.

If you’d like to read more about how this new law may affect you, then please follow this link to visit the government website here.

How we are responding:
Lines to our Customer Service team will remain open as usual, so that you can effectively resolve any issue. They're also reachable by email and via our online help chat.

Trade customers will also still be able to phone in, using their existing trade number.

As for sales queries, all the same staff will be reachable via our online live chat function and by email. So please don’t be concerned, the JK Team will still be able to advise you promptly, if you have any queries.

If you’d like to contact the sales team by email, then please use the sales@justkampers.co.uk address and your message will be picked up by a member of the JK team.

This is a change of pace for us, and it may be for some of you, but please rest assured that you can still reach us, and we will still be able to offer the help and expertise that we always have done!

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