Save Money With Just Kampers This Christmas

Save Money With Just Kampers This Christmas

JK's Head of Marketing
Published 14 November 2022
Josh Reynolds

With Christmas looming large for so many of us, we've put together a few ways that you can save money while shopping for parts and accessories from Just Kampers. 

Maybe you're not shopping for a new JK Instant Garage or Solar Charging Screen to put under the Christmas tree, but if you're in need of service or mechanical parts this winter you can save yourself some money by buying them from JK using the following money-saving tips and tricks. 

Save up to 10% with JK's Winter Resto Deals and JK's Camper Conversion Deals
There are two sets of special offers running on the Just Kampers site right now - our JK's Winter Resto Deals, which will save you up to 10% off on the parts and accessories you need to finally finish off that project vehicle or spruce up your classic VW over the winter, and JK's Camper Conversion Deals, which gets you up to 10% off all the kit you need to transform your van into a dream camper ready for spring. 

Click here for full details on both of these exclusive offers

Just Kampers Insurance policies save you 10% on orders from Just Kampers
If you've got your vehicle (or multiple vehicles) insured with Just Kampers Insurance, you'll get a 10% discount on orders from JK for the period of your policy. This can save you a huge amount of money, especially if you're thinking of taking on a major restoration over the winter, or you're looking to convert your basic van into a camper like we did earlier this year. 

In fact, getting your vehicle insurance from Just Kampers Insurance is an excellent way to save yourself money on the cost of your policy itself, as well as any parts and accessories you purchase while you've got the policy. Just Kampers Insurance offer highly competative prices, and will give you a £50 JK gift voucher if they can't beat your like-for-like vehicle insurance quote, so you've got a lot to gain and nothing to lose by trying them out when your motor insurance is up for renewal!

Click here to find out about saving 10% on orders from Just Kampers with a Just Kampers Insurance policy.

Spread out the cost with Klarna
We've added Klarna as one of the ways to pay on our website, which will let you choose to either delay the payment for 30 days after the date you place your order, or to split up the payment into three, smaller parts over the subsequent three months. 

While you'll still be paying the same amount in total, delaying or dividing the payment can make a huge difference, especially around the Christmas period when money is often tighter for a lot of us. 

Click here to read more about how to use Klarna.

Part of an Owners' Club? You can get a discount, too!
If you're part of a VW owners club, you can get yourself a handy little discount on orders from Just Kampers. 

You can also team up with your club to arrange for bulk buy deals and get special offers sent straight to you and your mates from the Owners Club, too!

It’s quick and easy to get a set up with Just Kampers as an Owners Club, and you can see all of the Owners Clubs here

Get special offers sent right to your inbox with our Newsletter
As well as our Restoration and Conversion offers, we've also got other sales, deals and offers going throughout the year, especially during the festive period. 

You can get these sent straight to your email inbox by signing up to our email newsletter. We'll only send an email or two a week, and you can tell us what vehicles, activities and other things you're interested in hearing about, so we'll never bombard or bore you with loads of emails!

Click here to sign up for JK’s newsletter emails, and stay in the know about sales, cool new products and other news.

Take advantage of our Scratch & Dent eBay page
If you're looking for something specific on the JK site, it might be worth checking out our Scratch & Dent eBay page, where we often list items for discount.

If we get products delivered to JK HQ which has been slightly damaged on its way to us, or something has been scratched during transit to or from a customer, it might well end up on our eBay page. If we do end up with slightly-less-than-perfect products, our process is to give it a good check over, make sure it’s still functional, has all of its component parts, and then list it on our Scratch and Dent eBay page.

Each listing has photos of any faults, issues or dents, and an explanation of what imperfections the product has, so the process is as transparent as possible.

This can be a great way to save some money on things as small as a window scraper or as large as a Fiamma Bike Rack – ideal if you’re trying to keep costs down.

Click here to check out our Scratch & Dent eBay page.

Save money with JK bundle kits
We've created a huge range of different money-saving bundle kits, to help you save time and cash.

These kits will include all of the parts you need to get a job done, whether it’s giving you a full set of spark plugs with your ignition leads, or a whole cab door restoration kit with dozens of parts.

Not only will you save money when getting a JK bundle kit, you’ll also get everything you need to get a job done – all you need to supply is the time and the tools!

Click here to view all of our bundle kits.

Locals can save on delivery with Click & Collect
If you live or work near Just Kampers HQ in Odiham, Hampshire, you can save yourself the cost of delivery (and the wait!) by selecting Click & Collect at the checkout, then dropping by our warehouse in the Hampshire countryside and picking up your parts.

We only have the one address, so can’t offer collection from anywhere but JK HQ, but if you do live nearby then this is a great way to save on delivery costs.

Our address for collections is:
Just Kampers
Unit 1, Stapeley Manor,
Long Lane, Odiham,
RG29 1JE 

Click here for details on how to find us.

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