External Covers For VW Campervans & Beetles

Our vehicle covers have been specifically designed for VW Beetles and Campervans, from the early VW T2 Split through to the modern VW T6.1.

Made exclusively for Just Kampers and designed to be breathable by using the latest materials available on the market, our vehicle covers are water resistant while also having good ventilation to release trapped-in condensation and heat.

A JK vehicle cover is a great way to help protect your van against the elements, including dust, pollen, tree sap, mud, UV rays, bird droppings and much more.

How do I fit a JK Vehicle Cover?

It's quick and easy to fit a Just Kampers vehicle cover, especially after you've done it the first time. You just need to unfold the cover, work out which end is which, and drape it over the top of your vehicle.

Then you secure it underneath with the full length under-vehicle securing straps, and can still access to the inside of your vehicle through the zip-sealed doors. 

Take a look at our video demonstration on how to fit a Just Kampers Luxury Breathable Van Cover to a modern Volkswagen Transporter: 

VW Beetle Covers

VW T2 Split Covers

VW T2 Bay Covers

VW T25 / T3 Covers

VW T4, T5, and T6 Covers