JKF50 Fridge Freezer


We have specifically designed the JKF50 12-volt compressor fridge freezer to be high quality but at an affordable price. It’s packed full of high-end components and features that have previously been reserved for more expensive fridges

Featuring a 34-litre refrigerator compartment capacity and an 8-litre freezer compartment. However, the freezer compartment is removable so if it’s not needed, you can have a 42-litre fridge. There’s one internal shelf that is adjustable to three different heights and a ‘crisper’ tray to keep salad, fruit and vegetables fresher for longer.

Two colour options available, Silver and Black (Black Available in June - Pre Order Now) to compliment your interior. 

The door of the JKF50 can be set to open from either side to accommodate for a left or right opening depending on your campervans interior layout and features a door lock mechanism, 2 x detachable inner shelves with the lower shelf featuring an adjustable retainer and interior LED light with sensor.

The important job of cooling is taken care of by a built-in, quiet, highly efficient LG compressor which quicky cools the JKF50 Refrigerator to 0°C to +8°C (32°F to 46°F) and Freezer to -12°C to -20°C (10°F to -4°F). The JKF50 features a simple easy to use control panel with an LED display which allows you to set the temperature for both the freezer and refrigerator. Temperature can be displayed in Celsius (°C) and Fahrenheit (°F).

The control panel also allows you to enable the Intelligent battery protection system, dependant on how you are powering your fridge either via a car/leisure battery or via a solar panel system, you can set the protection mode to either High, Medium, or low.

This feature-packed, affordable JKF50 12v / 24v Compressor fridge/freezer is ideal for cooling and freezing your food and drink within your motorhome, campervan, boat or caravan.