Solar Panels, Solar Cables, and Solar Accessories from Just Kampers 

Solar Power

Solar power technology has been advancing for years, with solar panels getting cheaper as time has gone by. With the clean, green technology now available to all of us, we've added to great range of solar panels, specialist solar power cables, and connectors to our range here at Just Kampers.

Whether you're looking for a small charger to help keep your vehicle battery topped up, or you want to experience the #vanlife dream by living and working off-grid, we've got an excellent selection of solar panels for your campervan. 

 Solar Panels for Campers, Vans, and Motorhomes

If you're looking to fix some solar panels to your campervan and get yourself connected to run on solar power, then you're in the right place. The JK Team are huge fans of clean energy, and we've added a massive array of solar panels for your camper, no matter how much power you need. 

 Solar Panels, Cables, and Connectors

A lot of solar panels need specialist MC4 cables to get the electricity from the panel to where you need it, and we've got a great range of cables, connectors, and junction boxes to allow you to properly and neatly wire up your solar panels. 

What is an MC4 cable? 

A standard in the solar energy industry, MC4 cables are commonly used to connect solar panels for all sorts of different applications, and are ideal for use in your camper. MC4 simply stands for “Multi-Contact, 4 millimetres”, and is an easy way to ensure that the cables you're using will handle the power output of your solar panels. 

Solar Battery Chargers 

Ideal if you're looking to make use of affordable solar energy, but don't need a full solar panel array on the roof of your camper, our range of solar battery chargers will maintain the power levels in your vehicle or leisure batteries, and mean you'll never be stranded with a flat battery. 

Solar Camping Accessories

Solar power is great for generating electricity, but it's also ideal for giving you a nice, warm shower! These solar-heated shower units will give you warm water with no power, so you can bathe or wash the dishes wherever you are!