VW Campervan Thermomats & Thermoscreens

Thermomats and Thermo Screens from Just Kampers

We've been designing, manufacturing and supplying a range of great quality thermomats and thermo screens for a whole range of VW campers and other vehicles since the 2000s. 

Each of our Just Kampers thermomats and thermo screens are tailored to perfectly fit your Volkswagen, and are created to be quick and easy to fit, whether they're located on the inside or outside of your vehicle. 

A lot of time and attention has been invested in making sure that our JK thermo screens and thermomats are made to a really high standard, using excellent quality materials, to make sure they're as effective as possible and will last for years to come. 

VW T2 Split Thermo Mats 

Whether you're after thermomats for the inside of your VW T2 Splitscreen's windows, or you want to keep the frost and sunlight away with an external thermoscreen, we've got excellent quality thermo mats and screens which perfectly fit the size and shape of your T2 Split. 

VW T2 Bay Thermo Mats

Some of the first thermomats we designed and created, our VW T2 Bay thermo mats and thermoscreens are perfectly matched to the dimensions of your Volkswagen T2 camper's windows. Ideal for keeping the warmth in during the winter, and reflecting heat and light away during the summer, they're a camping essential! 

VW T25 Thermo Mats

Designed and made by JK to perfectly fit your VW T25, our exclusive thermomats and thermo screens have become a must-have for campers around the world. Able to keep your interior warm in cold weather, and prevent it from getting too hot in the summer, they're a fast and effective way to keep your VW T25 at a comfortable temperature all year 'round. 

VW T4 Thermo Mats

Whether you've got a T4 camper with a full suite of windows, or a works van which only has the cab windows, we've got thermo mats which are measured to ideally fit the windows of your Transporter. Made to last and withstand the elements, they'll keep your VW T4 warm and cosy for years to come. 

VW T5 Thermo Mats

We've got a huge range of different options for thermomat kits for your VW T5. No matter how many windows you've got, or what rear doors you have, we've got perfectly-measured, great quality thermo mats and thermoscreens for your VW T5 Transporter. 

VW T6 Thermo Mats

You can find a set of thermomats for your VW T6 or VW T6.1 from Just Kampers, no matter what spec your vehicle has. Tailgate, barn doors, rear windows, cab only - whatever windows you need covered, we've got great quality thermo mats for your VW T6 Transporter. 

Thermo Mats for non-VWs

Were stocking an ever-increasing range of thermomats for non-VW campers, including the Citroen Relay, Fiat Ducato, Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit and others. We've also got a range of thermo mats for the VW Crafter and VW Caddy, as well as DIY kits which let you create your own thermo mat kits. 

Thermomats & Thermoscreens

View our range of easy to install Thermomats & Thermoscreens for all generations of VW Transporter. These are ideal for camping and privacy and act as a thermal barrier keeping the sun out during the day and an insulator for keeping the warmth in during the night. 

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