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Established in Scotland in 1966, Vango has consistently challenged the status quo and delivered innovative tents, awnings and outdoor equipment. Vango introduced their AirBeam concept in 2011, which used inflatable tubes instead of poles. So large tents/awnings could be easily pitched by one person in a matter of minutes. Shop the range below at Just Kampers.

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Vango Galli III Airaway Awning

Three words that express the very essence of the Galli: innovative, contemporary and versatile. It's an impressive structure and design make it ideal for anyone who wants a larger more usable space for their awning.
Vango Galli Driveaway Awning

Vango Cloud Grey Low Cruz III Driveaway Awning

The Cruz III is an extremely versatile companion for your motorhome or camper, creating a comfortable relaxing conservatory, featuring the integrated TBS II system providing huge resistance to strong winds and bad weather even without the use of the additional storm straps! 

Vango Cruz Driveaway Awning

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Vango Awning Accessories


Vango Awning Pole Clamp Kit Set For Driveaway Awnings

A pole and clamp system can be bought separately and is u...

Vango Camping Accessories