Waxoyl Rust Prevention

Waxoyl Rust Prevention


Waxoyl Rust Prevention

Waxoyl is a tried and tested rust-prevention formula which extends the life of vehicle chassis and bodywork. It comes in a liquid form as a suspension of waxy particles in white spirit. After application, the white spirit evaporates, leaving a dry, but waxy, protective coating on the metal which will last for several years, prolonging your vehicle's life.

Available with a 2.5ltr spray pump for easy apllication, protect your pride and joy this winter and save money.

About Waxoyl

  • Kills old rust and prevents new rust.
  • Forms a flexible weatherproof skin.
  • Doesn't crack, dry out or wash off.
  • Apply to the insides of doors, behind sills and chassis and anywhere that water is likely to collect.
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