Rear Outrigger Nearside (Left) VW T2 Split 1950-1959

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BBT Nearside Rear Outrigger for T2 Split BBT made, quality replacement part. Essential for classic VW’s, whose metal structures have been affected by rust and other damage. Made to fit VW T2 Split models built between 1950 to 1959.Often prone to rust, this replacement rear outrigger will significantly improve the structure of your vehicle. Quality and robust outrigger, which the jacking point is secured; made to fit to the left side of your vehicle. Fits to your vehicle without bother as its designed to fit around the original VW form. Produced by BBT, sold individually. Replace damaged or rusty panelsReplace your old and damaged metal with brand-new replacement panels, there’s now huge variety to choose from on our website. Rust degrades metal over time, so you'll often notice holes in badly affected areas. This weathering process disturbs the structure of your vehicle, which can put you at risk. This is certainly the case here, as this metal is required for support and aid structure. Keep yourself and passengers safe by replacing damaged parts! Other informationIf you’ve got any questions, please contact us and a JK team member will happily advise. We recommend invasive repairs and structural modifications are carried out by a licensed professional. Please don’t pre-book garage appointments before you’ve received your necessary parts. 
This is the Nearside (Left) rear outrigger that the jacking point fits to as fitted to VW T2 splits built from 1950 to 1967