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Available from Just Kampers, browse our range of Rust Prevention products that provides peace of mind for not a lot of money.

Noxudol may not be a name you've heard of but they have been the choice of leading European vehicle manufacturers for decades. We've really happy with the results we've seen and as an added bonus the green-labeled products are water-based, there are no solvents so they're environmentally friendly!

Waxoyl is a tried and tested rust-prevention formula that extends the life of vehicle chassis and bodywork. It comes in a liquid form as a suspension of waxy particles in white spirit. After application, the white spirit evaporates, leaving a dry, but waxy, protective coating on the metal which will last for several years, prolonging your vehicle's life.

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Waxoyl Rust Prevention


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Available with a 2.5ltr spray pump for easy application, protect your pride and joy this winter and save money.

About Waxoyl

  • Kills old rust and prevents new rust.
  • Forms a flexible weatherproof skin.
  • Doesn't crack, dry out or wash off.
  • Apply to the insides of doors, behind sills and chassis and anywhere that water is likely to collect.

Noxudol Rust Preventor and remover from Just Kampers

Noxudol offers rust prevention, protection and removal products. Trusted by multiple vehicle manufacturers, this Swedish manufacturer has proved itself at the highest level in the most testing conditions.