Written by the JK Team
Published 26 October 2023
Just Kampers

A bit about Lewis

Lewis is our full-stack developer, which means he maintains the Just Kampers website and some of the internal IT here at Just Kampers, as well as other bits and pieces.

He’s been part of the JK Team for four years now and has done well to resist for so long before taking the plunge and getting his own classic Volkswagen. It’s also his first classic car, and a Beetle is a great choice for your first classic – especially if you have access to a warehouse of parts and a whole team of people who can help you learn how to maintain and repair your ride.

About Lewis’ New Beetle

Year: 1970
Engine: 1600cc
Wheels: Fuchs
Accessories: Lowered, big old exhaust, and a Weber carburettor.

Miles of smiles for Lewis
First Car Show at Cool Flows Summer Cruise

What made you want to get a Beetle?

I wanted something different to a modern car, so the air-cooled engine appealed to me, and working at JK means having easy access to parts and equally importantly knowledge, so a Beetle is a logical choice.

What made you want to get this Beetle?

The style of it attracted me to it. It being in a fairly rust-free condition was also a bonus.

Did you notice any big differences driving the Beetle compared to your more modern car?

The overall experience is a lot different to my modern car. With the Beetle being lowered, you bounce around a lot more from any little bump in the road.

The engine is also louder and you can see smell the petrol. You have to change gears earlier, and there’s only 4. The seats are very comfy, though, and the lack of power steering isn’t too much of an issue, only when turning on the spot.

Have you got big plans for the Beetle?

Might start by getting new seat covers and refreshing the interior. Then I’ll look at putting it back to stock height, and maybe changing the wheels. Maybe give it a bit of a rally look, and possibly put a supercharger on it.

Will you be driving it through winter, or stashing it away?

As long as the weather isn’t too hazardous, I probably will take it out over winter.

Any advice for anyone who’s thinking about getting a Beetle?

Take your time finding the Beetle that’s right for you. There are new listings of Beetles for sale every day, so don’t panic buy one.

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