Luke - T4 888

Luke - T4 888

Written by the JK Team
Published 4 June 2024
Just Kampers

A bit about Luke

Luke works within our Goods In department.

He’s been part of the JK Team for Ten years now. His T4 Transporter isn't his first VW, he's had a MK2 Golf 1.4, MK3 Golf 1.6 and two MK3 Golf GTI's, however, this is his first Transporter and a pretty special one, not only is it a 888 Special, but what makes it even more special is that it's also family-owned from new!

About Luke's 2003 T4 888 Special Transporter.

Year: 2003
Engine: 2.5ltr TDi 88hp
Wheelbase: SWB

Interior stripped ready for conversion
Panels sound deadened

'Brought by my Dad, brand new from our local VW dealership, it’s is an 888 special X pack T4 Transporter.'
'It’s now owned by myself and has less than 98,000 on the clock. Originally my Dad wanted to convert it to a camper but since his passing in 2018, I’ve now got the privilege. Some people say it’s only a van, however, it has real sentimental value to me, so i’m looking forward to the journey.

Recently it’s had an engine change and so far the whole interior has been stripped out ready for its conversion. I have given it a deep clean, (no rust thankfully) and fitted dodo sound deadening as well as some thermo liner, I’ve also fitted all new door lock mechanisms and some new wing mirrors. Next on the list will be some new injectors and getting some miles on it whilst i’m performing the conversion.'

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