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Ever since we set up Just Kampers back in 1989, and well before then, VW Owners’ Clubs have been part of the lifeblood of the VW community.

Like an extended family of people you can rely on for help, advice and fun, Owners’ Clubs haven’t become any less important to the scene in the age of social media and instant communication.

We want this space to act as a platform for VW Owners’ Clubs, to help them grow and expand and spread, and help more people enjoy what they have to offer.

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  • London Dub Club

    London Dub Club

    Oi Oi !! Calling all Cockey Dubbers and London VW lovers !! Having a love and obsession for everything VW and bumping into other stray Dubbers we decided to start up LDC, so us Londoners haven’t got to travel miles out to share our VW Passion!!
    9 days ago
  • VW T2 Club

    VW T2 Club

    Welcome to the Volkswagen T2 Lovers' Paradise!  Are you a proud owner, enthusiast, or admirer of the iconic Volkswagen T2? Join our vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share the same passion for this classic piece of automotive history! 
    1 year ago
  • Dubs On The Run

    Dubs On The Run

    'Dubs On The Run' is mainly made up of VWs however all campervans are welcome.
    1 year ago
  • Cornwall VW Air-Cooled Group

    Cornwall VW Air-Cooled Group

    A group to get all VW Air-cooled owners and drivers in Cornwall talking about and showing-off their rides. Meet-ups and cruises are all part of the plan when we can! 
    1 year ago
  • East Coast Campers

    East Coast Campers

    East Coast Campers is a new club based in East Anglia. We are the only all-make and model campervan and motorhome owners club covering Essex and Suffolk. Meets are held mid-week on an ad hoc basis. Join our Facebook page to keep up to date with what's happening. 
    1 year ago
  • West Norfolk Dubz

    West Norfolk Dubz

    The friendly Dub Club for West Norfolk, with regular meets around the local area.
    1 year ago
  • VW Caddy Owners Club

    VW Caddy Owners Club

    Join the friendliest most engaging VW Caddy group on Facebook.
    1 year ago
  • Crigg Dubbers

    Crigg Dubbers

     We are a group of buggy and all VW enthusiasts. We meet with Northern Buggy Club, Midland Buggy Club, Yorkshire Beetles, and South Yorkshire Beetles but we're more of a cruise club than just shows. 
    1 year ago
  • Van Life Camp Outs

    Van Life Camp Outs

    Van Life Camp Outs - all welcome in any vehicle to various group meets around the country. We encourage multi group camping and are actively working together with other groups to provide the best camp outs for our members.
    1 year ago
  • Dub Mania

    Dub Mania

     A world of life in a Dub - other vehicles are welcome. Meets and stopovers will be posted on the Facebook page
    1 year ago
  • Classic VW Owners Club

    Classic VW Owners Club

    Join our thriving community of Classic Volkswagen Enthusiasts. With over 20,000 members across our social media platforms, you can be sure to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for vintage VW’s. We hold events and days out across the UK. To find out what events are coming up in your area.
    1 year ago
  • Volkswagen Owners Club - Great Britain

    Volkswagen Owners Club - Great Britain

    The Volkswagen Owners Club of Great Britain is totally independent, being organised by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.
    1 year ago
  • Mutiny Dub Club

    Mutiny Dub Club

    A relaxed club formed after struggling to find a local club without all the politics and problems that follow. Our ethos is simple, meets, camps, shows and fundraising for our chosen charity Forgotten Veterans UK. 
    1 year ago
  • Camper Chicks

    Camper Chicks

    VW Camper Chicks is a space for women VW drivers to ask questions and share ideas about vans, camping, all things VW - and beyond! Think of us like a virtual chat around the campfire! 
    1 year ago
  • B289


    Back to 89 (B289) has been running for almost 23 years. It's ethos to bring back ex-show cars of yesteryear into a nostalgic resurrection. Campers and buses as well as Bugs, Ghias and Variants.
    1 year ago
  • Historic VW Club

    Historic VW Club

    The Historic Volkswagen Club was founded in 1974 by a group of enthusiasts, including the current President, whose principal interests lay with the earliest beetles, or ""split window"" models. Gradually the club has grown and developed, so that now the objectives are to cater for all enthusiasts, not necessarily owners, of Volkswagen Type 1 models built prior to the end of European Production in 1979, to offer advice on the restoration, maintenance and preservation of such vehicles and to liaise with overseas clubs that have the same objectives. The Historic Volkswagen Club is a national club with members coming from most parts of the country and it is the only body to cater exclusively for early Volkswagen's in Britain. In addition it welcomes members from overseas and has contacts with enthusiasts world wide.
    4 years ago
  • North Warwickshire All Dubs Club. (NWADC)

    North Warwickshire All Dubs Club. (NWADC)

    VW enthusiasts club
    4 years ago
  • Ikon Bodyz Car Club

    Ikon Bodyz Car Club

    A family orientated club. We cater for all types of vehicles from performance, to Van's. We have been going for 10 years and meet once a week just to talk about cars.
    4 years ago
  • Volkswagen T3 ESPAÑA

    Volkswagen T3 ESPAÑA

    Club de propietarios de volkswagen T3/T25
    4 years ago
  • Surrey Aircooled Owners Club

    Surrey Aircooled Owners Club

    A Friendly club for Fans of Air cooled VW's. We meet once a Month on the first Wednesday at The Marquis Of Granby Portsmouth Road, Esher KT10 9AL near Sandown Park . Come along and say Hi. Discounts on parts, Club Camping at Shows and Club Cruises and Displays at Selected shows throughout the year.
    4 years ago
  • Dubs Of Vanarchy

    Dubs Of Vanarchy

    A fast expanding VW Van Club run from Somerset covering the whole of the UK and Ireland.
    4 years ago
  • WVVW


    WVVW is a very active club with regular meets on the first Saturday and third Wednesday of each month. In addition to this we have a busy schedule of day events and large campouts where we take over whole sites at a time and fill them with 100+ dubs. Everything we do is family friendly and geared towards charity.
    4 years ago


    Friends because in their origin the founders of this club were a group of friends who had a common passion: their VW Beetles, this is how the Volkswagen Amigos de Barcelona was founded in 1983 as the first name of the Friends of the Volkswagen of Catalonia since almost all of their members were from Barcelona. With great tenacity and enthusiasm, they assembled in 114 cities in the first volkswagen concentration known in our country on October 2, 1983 ... this is where our story began.This is the essence that has remained since then, we are a large group of people of all ages and conditions, united by the same passion but we are very clear that in front of vehicles there are always people.To be a part you don't have to have the perfect car or the oldest car, or be the best at all, just have a Beetle or one of its many derivatives and, above all, be in a good mood and want to have fun. well, because it is the members who make sense of the club. Catalonia because it is our area of ​​action. We have partners spread throughout Catalonia (and also outside of it), within our four provinces and also across the Pyrenees, in Northern Catalonia. For this reason, when we travel, wherever we go we always try to make it clear who we are and where we come from, especially if we are out of our country.
    4 years ago
  • VWV-Volkswagon vikings

    VWV-Volkswagon vikings

    Face book page dedicated to the viking conversion on volkswagons and even the odd fiat Van's my names Ben webb and I'm the admin for the group but I also reproduce the original roof clams for the viking roof in my spare time come and check out the group if you have a viking van or are looking for one.
    4 years ago

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