Krazy Dub Club

Location: Bristol, GL11 4BJ
We are a friendly, family orientated club with a like minded interest in Volkswagens (and cider!). We attend several VW shows throughout the year, drag racing at Santapod, hot rod meets, day trips, bbq's, organised crusises and weekends away arranged by members of the club.

We have a club meet both in Bristol and Dursley once amonth (usually the first Sunday of the month), this can vary during the summer months, so you need to keep an eye on the website, where you will also find details of various events taking place throughout the year.

Bristol Meet: The Griffin, Bridgeyate
Dursley Meet: The Dursley Cricket Club

Is the Krazy Dub Club for me?

If you like to meet up with chilled, relaxed and friendly people with a passion for any type of Volkswagen then the Krazy Dub Club is for you.
If in doubt why not join our forum and have a chat with our members, we always welcome new people.


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