Maggiolino Kaefer Club Italia

Location: Novara, Italy
Club Memberships: 6532 Members
Name: andrea zorloni
Number: 00393479381655
The Maggiolino Kaefer Club Italia, which, by statute, not-for-profit organization, was born in '90 and so far has more than 6,000 affiliated members. It aims to bring together enthusiasts of VW air-cooled, so that they can stay in contact with each other, sharing and cultivating the same passion.
This is also achieved through our NEWS quarterly, on which everyone can expose their opinion, and that shows the most diverse news coming from the world of VW (curiosity, technique, history, processes, addresses ...). Another aim of the Club is to organize meetings, 2-3 per year, which are an opportunity to see each other,
exchange information, cultivate friendships, the most important gathering in the history of the Club was to Summer at the Autodromo di Monza, arrived at the 12 edition, and that due to organizational problems for some years is no more 'made ​​today, the main events from us organized are those of Maggiopeople in Novara, the Beach of Caorle Wheels, and cruisin classic Night of Milan and the snow cuisin 8 December on the peaks of the Bernina in the Alps.
Since 1997 MKC Italia is in the Internet on the domain


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