South Yorkshire Beetles

Location: Rotherham , GB
Club Memberships: 707 Members
Name: John ambler
Number: 07845764830
Welcome to South Yorkshire Beetles.

The group was established in 2015 as there was a gap in the car scene world for beetles , so we filled it!

We welcome all types of Volkswagen beetle's from the very new to the very old, water cooled to air cooled, show beetles to every day beetles. Baja to buggy to custom.

If it has a Beetle floor pan we will love it, so come and joint our club!

Why be a member you may ask?

Well You can get discount from

-Just Kampers

-Heritage part centre

-Cool Air!

-Mmmm Which 1?

We also attend car shows, events and beetle meet ups.

We are a friendly group open to any age & gender. So come and check us out!


[email protected]


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