Clutch Kit (215mm) for Diesel T25 1981–1991

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Contains pressure plate, centre plate and release bearing.Also used on VW T25 / T3 2.0L GTI engine conversions with engine codes, ADY, AGG and 2E.Please check size before ordering.Sachs - BOGE, now part of the ZF Friedrichshafen AG group. Originally founded in 1895, by inventors Ernst Sachs and Karl Fichtel, to produce ball bearings and bicycle hubs. In 1897, the company introduced the world's first freewheel. In 1929, F&S started production of automobile components, mainly clutches and shock absorbers. Ernst Sachs died in 1932. In 1987, the German Mannesmann AG acquired the majority of F&S stock, and, in 1997, F&S was renamed to Mannesmann Sachs AG. In 2001, Sachs was sold to ZF Friedrichshafen AG, and renamed ZF Sachs AG, part of a multi-billion $ business. Sachs and BOGE are names synonymous with air-cooled and water-cooled VW clutches and shock absorbers. You have the assurance that when you fit their products that they will last for 10,000's miles to come.
This Sachs quality clutch kit (215mm) comprises of a pressure plate, centre plate and release bearing. It fits all 1600cc and 1700cc diesel T25s, 1981–1991. Sachs Boge, part of major manufacturers ZF, are renowned for the reliability and efficiency of their clutch and transmission components. Sachs has been making clutches for more than 70 years and has the ideal kit to suit most vehicles within OEM regulations. 'Technically perfect and tried and tested thousands of times' is how they describe their asbestos-free, high performing clutches.