‘V’ Channel Section (for Side Cover) on VW T2 1967–1979

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Quality Preservation Parts product, exclusive to Just Kampers. Parts and panels are produced here at JK HQ, in Odiham, Hampshire. This V Channel section will fit either side of your VW T2 Bay from 1967 to 1979. This section can also be used on T25’s but please note that it will require trimming to fit. This V channel is used to affix the side covers which are located below the window. At a glance:Parts are made to match the exact specifications of original factory parts,Designed by JK and made by PP, and ever-growing collaboration growing since 2012,Parts are produced using top quality steel, sourced from the UK,Powder coated in grey paint, to keep your parts in good condition while in transit and storage,Perfect measurements keep everything healthy, no distortion or warping as a result of excess pressure.Please note, these parts are manufactured to fit perfectly to the shape of your van, as it left the factory. These parts may require modification, if your classic has been subject to prior modifications over the years. Alteration may need to be done, to perfectly suit your long lived camper. V Channel Section for Side Cover VW T2 Bay 1967—1979 If you’re on the looking for some high quality parts and panels, to replace those rusty areas, then you’ve come to the right website! Here at JK, we have partnered up with Preservation Parts to produce a catalogue of parts that perfectly replicate those original released by VW.These panels and parts are not just hand formed but are also worked using mechanical processes such as laser cutting and CNC milling. These processes provide cuts and folds with pin-point accuracy, which means we can provide you with the closest possible reproductions.Why should I replace my existing classic part?This tailgate window repair lip is a perfect choice for those who have noticed an accumulation of rust has weakened this area. The original design led to moisture getting trapped between this cover and the side of the van, which resulted in the formation of rust. To keep your classic in good condition, it’s important that those areas are replaced promptly.Preservation Parts HistoryPreservation Parts’ mission is to remove the hassle and guesswork from rebuilding you’re your old classics. Classic cars are more than just a passion project, so these experts of their trade chose to eradicate nuisance from rebuilding your project! They launched their first range of top-quality products, in 2012. Since then, their catalogue has been expanded and refined. They produce components to fit all areas of classic VW's and produce some of the very best parts and accessories available in the world. These range from simple cup holders to complex adjustable narrowed beams!
Made in the UK exclusively for JK, this 'V' channel section is used to affix the side covers below the window. It fits either side of your VW T2, 1967–1979.