Battery Clamp VW Beetle 1967–1979

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High quality reproduction classic part! One hard wearing metal battery clamp, an essential replacement part if you want your classic to pass its MOT. Secures your vehicle battery in place, preventing movement and potential disconnection of cables. At a glance:Made using the same dimensions as the original VW bracket,Designed to specifically fit VW Beetles built between 1967 and 1979,Made from metal for durability and lasting performance,Intended installation to driver’s side floor pan, where the battery is located,Compatible with batteries that have a pronounced lip around the base. Important product informationSecure your vehicle battery to prevent problems on future road trips. It’s common for battery clamps to rust in this area, so if yours is looking a bit worse for wear, we advise you replace it soon. This clamp follows the contours of your driver’s side rear floor pan. Locate the battery site on your floor pan by the pre-installed plate and threaded bolt. The metal plate provides a point for the battery to be ‘butt up against’.Rest the battery against this plate, so the clamp can be installed. Once the clamp is fixed, it applies opposing pressure to the floor pan plate. The clamp is designed with a protruding tab, which secures the lip on your battery, to the vehicle floor. These forces on the battery box are what keep it still as you drive. 
Fits VW Beetles from 1967 to 1998. Don't fail your MoT because your battery clamp is rusted!